Couples Halloween Costumes The easiest costumes we can think of doing out of your closet are a 50s greaser look and a 40s bonnie and clyde look simple. The 50s look, you gentlemen fellow is going to go into the closet, and he’s going to pull out a pair of jeans, and he’s going to put on a white t-shirt.

You’ll then need a leather jacket of some sort to borrow it. Get one out of your closet wherever you find one, some leather jacket and then you’ll want to pay attention to your shoes some kid’s high tops are always good, some black half-boots, something of that nature, even bowling shoes would be an excellent look for a 50s look. If you’re interested, you may also read this article: Ebin Lace Glue

Most Evil Crime Couple in American History

Most Evil Crime Couple in American History

The date was Apr. 13, 1933, and the not-so-notorious-yet Bonnie, beside Clyde and three more of the Barrow gang, were having a raucous ancient time at their garage-apartment hideout in a neighbourhood of Joplin, Missouri.

At this time, the gang entailed Clyde Barrow, his partner in crime and devoted lover, Bonnie Parker; Clyde’s older brother, Buck Barrow; besides his wife, Blanche Barrow. The last of the gang was a youthful friend of the Barrows, single W.D. Jones- no one recognizes if he had a fiancée or wife or was just a sad fifth wheel.

For days, the quintet of criminals had been chugging liquor, chain-smoking cigarettes and running card games – much to the chagrin of their neighbours whose quiet had stood momentarily spoiled.

During another long session on the booze. One of the neighbours decided enough was enough and called the Joplin Police Department. The cops, hearing tales of what was going down in that house, assumed bootleggers remained to hide out there. This was, after all, the era of exclusion in the USA.

Did Bonnie And Clyde Get Arrested?

Five armed police twisted up at the hideout besides demanded the gang come out with their hands up, but acceding to the demands of the cops was certainly not Bonnie and Clyde’s style. The team opened fire, Clyde using his loyal Browning Automatic Rifle. While the break of the gang let loose with a store of different weapons.

A detective and a police officer remain hit while under that hail of fire. With the former dying immediately and the latter dying later from his injuries. The rest of the police officers took cover, but the gang outgunned them. Firing back, they managed to hit W.D in the shoulder, a shot that W.D would later say went right through. If you’re interested, you may also read this article: 5rv Hair Color

Another shot hit Clyde, but it ricocheted off his jacket button. Day that Bonnie and Clyde became immortalized in American history. Not so much for the carnage they caused but for what they left behind.


Bonnie was something of an amateur photographer, and she was also fond of writing poems. From a young age, she had fallen in love with the silver screen, and the girl became possessed with celebrity in those early days of the movies. Couples Halloween Costumes

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