Sharper than coffin nails. Moreover, the sides of ballerina nails are more curved. In essence, it relies on the nail-making technique used. Definitions aren’t really crystal clear. While some nail technicians might consider them to be different manicures, others might use the terms interchangeably.

Coffin vs Ballerina Nails Shape

Let’s compare the shapes of coffin and ballerina nails when we talk about nail shapes. Here is a brief description of each category.

Ballerina Nails

Kylie Jenner uses this particular nail shape as her trademark. Ballerina nails are her absolute favourite, and she frequently promotes them on social media platforms like Instagram. They resemble stiletto nails in essence but have a square tip rather than a sharp one.

Coffin Nails

Coffin nails are ballerina nails, but they typically have a greater length, according to a nail specialist who can identify the difference between the two.

The nails have a pointed shape with a squared-off blunt end, resembling stiletto-shaped nails. That gives it a coffin-like appearance.

Difference Between Ballerina And Coffin Nails

So what is the distinction between coffin and ballerina nails? The shapes in its filing are softer and more curled if you pay great attention. You’ll see that this advice is most effective with nails no larger than three.

Ballerina nails must be in place and have a top that is rectangular in shape. A nail specialist forms the nail by straightening the fill and maintaining the original shape on the sides.

Moreover, it can be somewhat shrunk to give the appearance of a triangle without one of its tips. The sort of toe influences how a ballerina shoe is shaped.

Coffin nails are very comparable. There are some differences, though. The ballerina nail form has a somewhat rounded side.

You may achieve a straight side form using coffin nails. Simply expressed, the side shape of the coffin-shaped nail does not resemble the ballerina-shaped nails.

To achieve coffin-shaped nails during manicures, nails must be acrylic or gel. Yet, you can also do it if your nails are naturally long.

Many prefer long coffin nails or ballerina nails because they lengthen the fingers and give them a delicate appearance. The form is widely used in nail extension techniques.

Simply told, maintaining the length and shape of a natural nail can be challenging.

How To Do Ballerina Nails At Home?

Ballerina-style short nails are always in style. They never grow older. French manicures or any baby colour look lovely on ballerina nails. You can acquire them without going to a nail salon.

You must first prepare the nail in order to obtain these nails at home. But first, wash your hands with an antibacterial gel, and don’t manicure your nails.

Place the fake nail now. Make use of whatever you want. It can either be gel nails or acrylic nails, as we previously stated.

It’s time to continue shaping the nail after the artificial nail is firmly in place. As we previously mentioned, ballerina nails are rectangular in shape.

French-style manicure is one of the most popular and demanding when it comes to ballerina nails. It looks amazing in different combinations.

How To Make Coffin Nails At Home

The initial steps are rather similar. The nail is ready by being cleaned with antibacterial gel and having any nail paint removed. The next step is to form your coffin nails after adding synthetic, either acrylic or gel, nails.

Shape the nail’s sides into a point by filing them. Just keep in mind not to get too focused. File the point into a straight, blunt edge once you are satisfied with the length shape.

Your nails are identical whether they are long or short. A softer and less graded version can be made on shorter nails. However keep in mind that this is a nail shape that is often only used on longer nails.

How To Wear Coffin Or Ballerina Nails

Let’s discuss styles and decorations now that we are aware of the distinctions between coffin and ballerina nails and how to create them at home. How are coffin nails worn? How are ballerina nails styled? Here are a few concepts.

Doodle Nails

Because coffin and ballerina nails are usually longer, they are a great option to doodle your favorite shapes.

Sky Blue

This color has gained popularity in the past few years as a great spring option and summer option. Sky blue is a color that will add freshness to your look. But remember, it might limit your outfit options.

Almost Bare

If you prefer to keep things simple and organic, just add a light accent for a novel twist. If you want to decorate your wardrobe with bright ideas, going almost bare is a terrific choice.


Let’s try a long-lasting trend in clothing that is still in style. The hairstyle ombre first gained popularity, then it spread to the world of manicures.

We advise using ombre orange, switching out your typical French manicure for color-colored tips, and fading the colour into a neutral base. This is a fantastic summer look.

Short Coffin

No matter how long your nails are, you can have coffin nails, as we previously stated. If you like shorter nails, your fingers will appear longer with this tapered design. Your short nails will look beautiful with any pattern, no matter how simple.

When To Avoid Coffin Nails And Ballerina Nails?

Bear in mind that less practical nail shapes include ballerina and coffin. They could make some activities more difficult because of their length.

Sports, for instance, are nearly impossible to play with these nails. Another significant challenge is typing quietly on a computer.