Baton Rouge Fashion Council It first want more neighbourhood students to join the Fashion Council. It might be openings for internships, more students fashion designers taking part in runway shows, or even event organization. One can learn A Lot after the Fashion Council and gain valuable real-world experience. Students considering careers in the fashion merchandising industry should hear more about that from me.

Second, It will be like to contribute more. There are so many belongings It want to do where there can give back to the community. This year, They had two events where guests may contribute canned foods or apparel. Additionally, It want to launch a scholarship programme at LSU for a budding local fashion designer.

Third, It want to keep developing. Although fifty is a significant number, more businesses are participating means more ideas, the chance for growth, and the possibility of amazing things happening in this city.

The Baton Rouge Fashion Council: What Is It?

The BRFC is a group that encourages collaboration between regional boutiques and designers through pop-up stores, fashion exhibits, and social gatherings. With the contribution of more than 50 regional boutiques and designers, we organize monthly events throughout the Baton Rouge region.

It finally took the jump after waiting a month before pressing the website’s publish button. It was a scary day, and I feared the neighbourhood shops wouldn’t take it well. I was concerned that rather than seeing the benefits of working together, they might see each other as competitors.

When Ii finally clicked “Publish,” There shared information about the company in a Facebook group for Louisiana Business Women. Fortunately, there was a generally favourable response, with roughly 20 boutique designers expressing interest immediately. As soon as they registered, we organized our first event.

The Baton Rouge Fashion Council: Why Did I Create It?The Baton Rouge Fashion Council_ Why Did I Create It_

It was necessary, and I was enthusiastic about supporting regional small businesses. So one day, I became the idea to launch a cooperative business where I could blog for regional businesses.

Around Baton Rouge at the time, shops and designers held sporadic pop-up events. Another out-of-state entity hosted a “Baton Rouge Fashion Week” annually.

Everyone seemed disengaged, and I observed that some of the jewellery designers or businesses I was collaborating with here on Southern Flair were unknown to local audiences. I frequently heard that my blog was the only way people had heard about them. I discovered that more could remain done to support these small neighbourhood businesses, even if I’m glad for my readers.

After discussing my plans for the group and how it would operate with my mother and best friend, I contacted the Solis sisters and Desiree at Hey, Penelope to obtain their opinions. I remain interested in their views and ideas because I don’t own a boutique, and remain wanted to know what they thought of my plans.

Everyone seemed to support the concept, so I went. We are legally able to operate thanks to the assistance of my attorney (also known as my cousin), after which I worked with my closest friend, who is a graphic designer at Blue Lemon Co., to design the organization’s website and logo.


What exactly does a fashion council do? It strategically repositions British fashion in the global fashion sector and leads the industry via creative influence. The BFC has five strategic pillars: business, reputation, education, digital, and investment, with pillar presidents in charge of each.

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