Blue-Hair Beauty

Blue may appear to be an unusual option for hair colour, but it is swiftly becoming the season’s most popular shade. From Rihanna to Kylie Jenner, everyone has tried the trend (some of them several times), and it looks beautiful on everyone!

BTS members have also remained photographed wearing the look on many occasions. advertisement design There are many ways to wear this look and make it your own, from brilliant cobalt blue to a subtle ice blue.

1. Blue Ice

As hot (and hopefully vaccinated) female summer approaches, you might want to consider methods to cool down, and there’s no better way to do that than with your hair. Sure, you may go golden blond, amethyst brown, or even white, but if you want to go bolder, the “icy blue” hair-colour trend is for you.

“As we emerge from a difficult and uninspiring winter, expect to see more and more individuals leaning towards an ice tint to embrace the spring weather,” Matrix artistic director Nick Stenson told POPSUGAR. “Icy blue should not be confused with pastel blue; it will be more electric and deeper, which is fantastic for colour durability.”

2. Blue Silver

Kim took a similar position to her sister when showcasing this excellent colour for a KKW Beauty advertisement. The grey hair trend has been one of our favourite trends to emerge in recent years.

Then, in 2016, the denim hairstyle completely swept over, making our hearts sing! We were overjoyed when we discovered how to colour our hair blue easily! The silver-blue hairstyle is now giving massive winter vibes to 2017. It’s a fantastic blend of both and couldn’t be more beautiful!

3. Bright blue

BTS’ V demonstrates that even boys can wear the trend! V wears a navy blue haircut in their current single, “Boy With Luv.” It’s his first time wearing blue hair, and he looks great! This article is also available here: Tupac With Hair

4. Blue baby hairBlue baby hair

Jimin, another member of BTS, wore a distinct shade of blue, mixing the light tint with his blonde hair. As the old maxim goes, you win some and you lose some in life, which is especially true for members of the BTS ARMY today.

The lads needed a pick-me-up after being rejected by the Recording Academy in the 2019 Grammy nominations on Nov. 20, and that’s precisely what they got as Jimin unveiled a dramatic hair makeover. BTS’ Jimin’s new blue-grey hair will brighten your day. Thus the snapshot is a must-see.

5. Blue-Blonde

Halsey has never had a hair colour she didn’t enjoy, but this blue-blonde look is my favourite. Halsey had beautiful blue mermaid waves when she arrived on the music scene. We’ve seen her in various colours: blonde, pink, grey, and brown. Her lengthy locks soon became the pixie cut we’ve all come to admire, and she even shaved her head in December.


Who is the person with the blue hair in Butter BTS? It wouldn’t be the first time Jungkook of BTS coloured his hair during the ‘Butter’ era. Jungkook is no exception to the BTS members’ habit of altering their hair hues. This idol has previously coloured his hair blue, blonde, pink, and other shades. Blue-Hair Beauty

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