Banarasi Saree Blouse Back Designs 2018

Banarasi blouse designs have their own charm and elegance that they are loved by Indian women a lot. This stylish Banarasi blouse has a transparent fabric used at the backside. It bears buttons in a vertical row.

The Banarasi brocade blouse in the hot pink fabric is certainly beautiful and has a princess cut pattern with a side zipper given to wear it with ease it is suitable for parties and ceremonies.

Banarasi Saree Brands

For me, it is a fabric that adorns my wardrobe. You can call me vain, but most of my saree-loving friends will agree with me that a Banarasi Silk Saree is, without any doubt, a prized possession.

Banarasi Saree Brands

For the uninitiated, Banarasi Saree, also known as the Benarasi Saree is a fine variant of silk that originated in the ancient city of Varanasi. This exquisite clothing is the bridal wear for invariably all Bengali weddings.

Although the lehenga-cholis has been a recent favourite among young and modern brides, the Banarasi saree still holds its place as the wedding attire for the demure bride. Even I thought of wearing something ‘different’ at my wedding.

Banarasi Saree Blouse Ideas

Centuries ago, the Mughals brought the artistry of banarasi silk to India. It is intricate, takes a long time to craft and was originally meant only for royalty. Something with such great historic culture deserves the same amount of importance today.

So here’s a list of the most stylish and trendy banarasi saree blouse designs for every occasion. We’ve got you covered from ruffled sleeve blouse designs to closed-neck blouse patterns.

Banarasi Saree Blouse Ideas

It’s pretty clear that elbow-length sleeves are no longer a thing of the past. Both celebs and the everyday woman have been loving this trend this season.

Take it up a notch with a closed neckline. You could also opt for a mandarin collar for some added creativity.

This would make your saree stand out and give it the necessary touch of glam with its minimalistic look.

Types Of Banarasi Saree Blouse Designs 2018

You can even take the border of your saree and attach it to the blouse sleeves for a gorgeous look just as shown in the picture, this will make it look like the blouse and the saree were made for each other.

If you are not the one to stick to basics and want bling, then you shouldn’t stop yourself from getting it. Here is a bright silk saree blouse design, with a fully embroidered zardozi work blouse. Give it a shot and wait for the compliments to pour in!

Latest Banarasi Saree Blouse Back Designs

Pattu sarees, a wardrobe staple in any South Indian household, are loved by literally anyone across the globe. Today, in this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the coolest options that are worth trying with your six yards of ultimate elegance.

Latest Banarasi Saree Blouse Back Designs

With the designs below, you will surely steal the show wherever you go. If you want to try a casual look, our catalogue of designs will help. If you wish for a dressier look, the catalogue is there too. So, let your desi “you” shine like never before and get started.

All you have to do is, scroll down and pick the one your heart desires. So now, let us not delay any further. Let us go and give this article a read because it is time to flaunt some ethnic looks!


We have come to a conclusion. Your traditional blouse designs can be as attractive and enchanting like your designer collections. All you need to do is take one of the options above and give your style to come up with a blouse design that suits you.