Fashionably Broke Donna’s passion for fashion, who was always an outfit planner and accessory enthusiast, inspired Fashionably Broke. Donna’s blog is more than just a fashion blog; she also discusses her passion for skincare and beauty products and everyday family life, days out, and weekend vacations across Ireland.

Who Is Donna Ollerenshaw?

a Galway native, wife, and mother of three children, Donna works full-time in government and enjoys spending her free time on her social media platforms and website.

Donna may remain seen competing in Best Dressed Ladies Day events around the country when she is not busy developing partnership material. Donna is a perennial in the Top 10 Best Dressed at the Races, having won Best Dressed Lady and Best Headpiece in the past.

The Platform represents Donna by Mandy Maher; don’t hesitate to contact her agency, Mandy Maher, for any business and partnership inquiries.

News And Updates From Fashionably BrokeNews And Updates From Fashionably Broke

Abercrombie: 25% off select styles Allswell offers a 20% discount on all mattresses with the code ‘MEMDAY’ (We have the Supreme) CB2 offers up to 15% off (including outdoor furniture!). The article Memorial Day Weekend Sales first published in The Fashionably Broke.

Fashionably Broke Bloggers Share Their Tips for a Good Deal in the District

“There’s a coolness to being fashionably late, so we were like, be fashionably broke in that effortless, I-don’t-care, I-just-am attitude,” Natalie Pinto, 27. Says of the premise behind Fashionably Broke, a blog she co-writes with her sister, Erika, 24.

“It means purchase anything you want, whether a $500 Alexander Wang jacket or a $12 T.J. Maxx T-shirt.” You might not be able to purchase groceries that week, but you’re at least fashionable broke.”

The sisters adore bargains at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, stylish budget stores like Zara and Forever 21, or Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. “I adore Nordstrom’s Topshop area,” Natalie comments. “It makes it so much simpler to find trendy bargains.”

Over four years old, the pair’s blog has nearly 9,000 Instagram followers who check in to see Natalie (who works in social media marketing). Also, And Erika (who handles sales for a start-up and is pursuing a master’s degree. In special education) is wearing, desiring, and discovering.


When did fashionably broke begin?

The Fashionably Broke began as a personal blog in 2011. And has now expanded into a site that readers can visit daily to get inspirational and elevated fashion, beauty, and other lifestyle material.

Who started fashionably broke?

Although, Natalie Pinto’s Amazon page for [Fashionably Broke]. Also, Get the most recent updates from this contributor. To begin following individuals, you must first complete your public profile.


What Is [Fashionably Broke] For? [Fashionably Broke] is a blog about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Style Inspiration for Less, Beauty Dupes, and Family Travel Adventures

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