6 Nail Art Designs In today’s nail art tutorial, you will share six cute and fun nail art designs that are easy to create. You won’t need special tools for these designs, just household items. Let’s get started so that before anything else, apply a base coat to help protect your nails.

1. Retro Dots1. Retro Dots

The first design is for some easy retro dots using a pink, black and white polish with pink as the base colour. Stretch out a bobby pin and use one of the sides to apply black polka dots to the nail. Now apply white dots over the black ones but slightly to the side and the nail design is ready. If you’re interested, you may also read this article: Blue Hair Extensions

2. Paint Splatter

we have painted splatter nails using white, blue, pink and yellow polish with white as the base colour. Dip a straw into the pink polish, then blow through the straw onto the nail to create the splatter look. Do the same for the other colours. Remove the liquid latex around the pin if you apply it, and clean up any excess polish.

3. Diy Striping Tape

this design is for some DIY striping tape using blue and silver polish. First, paint the silver polish onto some scotch tape and apply the blue polish for the base colour while drying. Once the silver is dry, remove the painted area and cut thin strips of the tape. Now apply it however you like. Appearance is sure to clip off any excess tape.

4. Heart Print

now we have a cute heart print design using white and pink polish with white as the base colour. Use a toothpick to create two small pink dots, then drag the Polish to a point for the bottom of the heart and fill it in. You can go back with the white polish to clean up the shape and repeat these hearts on the entire nail.  If you’re interested, you may also read this article: Long Hair Pug

5. Checker Nail

This next design is for a checker nail using black and aqua polish with aqua as the base colour. Take two pieces of scotch tape and align the corner to meet in the middle of the nail. Apply the black polish over the untaped area, then remove the tape.

6. Colourful Marble Nails

this design is for some bright marble nails using white, green, purple-red and yellow polish with white as the base colour. Drip the purple polish into a cup of water, then take some hairspray and spray it into the cup.

It made a pretty neat design, so just went with it. Now dip your nail into the cup and clean up any excess before removing it. Do the same thing through the other colours to begin to layer on the pin. Did you notice each Polish acted a little differently from the hairspray, so it makes for a relaxed look on the nail? Now clean up any excess around the nail.


What exactly are ombre nails? Ombre nails have two colours that blend into one another nicely. It’s a familiar aesthetic that looks incredibly well when done with contrasting dark and light colours. It may, however, remain done with alternative textures such as glitter and chrome. 6 Nail Art Designs

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