Burnout is a tough feeling to deal with. Maybe you have a job that feels like the same thing every day and you are starting to feel exhausted from the repetition. Or perhaps you are raising a family and it feels overwhelming as it saps your energy each day, no matter how much you love your children. Maybe you just feel like your days have gone stale. It’s time to try out something new.

Small behavior changes can make a big difference when you are going through the same routine day after day. You need a refreshing or new activity to break up the monotony and inject a little bit of energy into your soul. But if you have a busy schedule, how can you even make room for something new?

Sometimes, the actual activity that you add to break up the repetition matters less than the act of doing it. To reverse the effects that burnout is having on your mental health, here are a few ideas for new activities to try.

Go For a Quiet Walk

Sometimes, you just need some time to be alone and be silent. When you are suffering from burnout, go for a walk without your phone or any music. Look around at the environment as you go down the street or along the path you have chosen. Notice the sights and the sounds around you. If you need to drive a little to escape the congestion of a busy neighborhood before you walk, then do it. Living in the moment with a brief walk can have significant health benefits, both mentally and physically.

Tackle Home Improvement Projects

A project that takes a while could be the perfect foil to burnout, and your home provides the ideal canvas for your creativity. There are so many potential projects that you could work on to improve your home, from turning your deck into a living space to repainting the bedroom. You could also do a landscaping project to get you outside and boost the curb appeal of your property. These projects will distract your mind, allow you to work with your hands, and give you a finished product that gives you a feeling of accomplishment, something that you may be desperately craving because of burnout.

Change Your Diet

Physical health can have a direct effect on mental health. When you are physically tired or weak, it can make you feel even worse mentally. Altering your diet could help inject more energy into the body and maintain your mood. Making sure you have a good balance of the various food groups will deliver the necessary nutrients to your cells for optimum functionality. Already eat a balanced diet? Try adding a vitamin and mineral supplement to your everyday routine for additional nutrient support. By making these changes, you can adjust your physical health and elevate your mindset to a more positive perspective.

Learn a New Skill

Learning new skills can have a massive effect on your mental state. When you are pushing your brain to accept and retain new information, you are engaging your mind in a way that is both distracting and energizing. Maybe you have always wanted to learn about woodworking. Go on Youtube and look for some tutorials. If you have always been curious about marketing, take some online courses to update your knowledge. You could even become certified in certain activities such as Yoga instruction or a trade. Exercise your mind by learning and applying a new skill, then witness the feeling of burnout fade away.

Volunteer Locally

In many cases, serving others can help you overcome certain mental health struggles such as negative feelings and burnout. Volunteering and contributing to society can give you a sense of purpose, which may be lacking currently at your repetitive job or during your daily routines. There are always places in the local community that could use your help, from animal shelters to soup kitchens to charity events. Serving a higher purpose than yourself can eliminate those negative feelings because helping others can often help you. Do some research about local nonprofit organizations in your area and find a cause that excites you to become involved with.

A Change is as Good as a Rest

The temptation for many who are experiencing burnout is to emphasize rest. While this can certainly be helpful, it may only work as a band-aid for the problem. It is true that you need times of rest to restore your energy, and possibly excitement, about your daily routines, but a better solution could be a behavior change.

Adding new activities that can combat burnout could be as effective or even more so than getting rest. Frequent walks with no devices, home improvement projects, a changed diet, learning new skills, and volunteering are all activities that can break the monotony of the everyday and revitalize your soul. Find a new activity that improves your mood and engage with it whenever that feeling of burnout creeps back in.