The indie style movement is a movement that rejects mass-produced clothing and embraces a unique, personal aesthetic. It encourages individuals to experiment with their fashion choices, including vintage finds, handmade items, and supporting local designers.

This movement encourages individuals to express their individuality and support small businesses and artisans who put their heart and soul into their creations. By embracing the indie style movement, individuals can stand out from the crowd and make a statement without saying a word. So, dive headfirst into the world of indie fashion and create a wardrobe that reflects your unique style.

How To Be An Indie Girl Aesthetic

The main goal of independent aesthetics is to portray an idea of stylistic freedom.

With band tees, chunky sneakers and brightly colored bucket hats, 70s fashion is a staple of the indie rock aesthetic.

The initial “Indie kid” looks had a more feminine feel to them, but nowadays the aesthetic mixes indie vibes with Y2K themes in colorful florals and irregular waist jeans in dark colors.

The Indie aesthetic is easy to replicate with clothes you can buy from thrift stores or parents’ closets.

The staple pieces of the Indie aesthetic are tees and crop tops, baggy jeans, skater skirts, platform shoes, and clay jewelry.

Ideally, each Indie garment is saturated with color and has a futuristic tone and texture.

With authenticity at the forefront and capitalism on the back burner, the modern indie aesthetic opens the door to innovative styles and looks, so feel free to experiment.

It’s time to explore 25 examples of classic and modern indie aesthetics you can create for less.

Indie Flower Knit Sweater Vest

Floral vests have always been a staple of the Indie aesthetic.

Driven by the growing popularity of the lightweight college aesthetic, vests are also trending on social media.

Indie Flower Knit Sweater Vest

But, if you want to add a touch of aesthetics and Indie style to your look, choose a vest with floral elements.

Indie Cropped Fruit Print Cami

Timeless and preppy, eclectic prints on blouses are a great choice for any Indie style.

The more the better, especially when the print is cutesy and brightly colored.

Fruit prints are the best example of this.

They are among the best staples of Indie aesthetic fashion.

Printed and used on anything from freelance posters to photo walls and collages, fruit prints are the best example.

Some popular Indie style fruit prints are cherry, strawberry, peach and pineapple designs.

Indie Cropped Fruit Print Cami

Indie Oversized Knit Cardigan

Oversized cardigans are the perfect complement to indie outfits.

Especially if the cardigan is crocheted with several colored stitches.

It adds a dose of bohemian flair that goes great with the Indie aesthetic.

Indie Aesthetic Crochet Top

Considered a must-have for Indie kids and one of the most popular summer 2022 tops, crochet shirts are a must-have.

On the earthy aesthetic side of the Indie fashion look, crochet tops are perfect for pairing with oversized jeans and tote bags.

Indie Style Pleated Skirt With Cropped Top

Pairing a crop top with a pleated fit and flare skirt will never go out of style and is a great choice for any indie-style outfit.

But, for the ultimate Indie aesthetic, add independent clay or faux pearl accessories.

Indie Style Pleated Skirt With Cropped Top

Indie Style Lace Slip-On

Moreover, a staple of 90s fashion, the strappy dress was revived in 2022 by independent girls who wore them around town.

For the ultimate Indie outfit, pair your lace slip with an oversized coat and a chunky pair of Doc Martens.

Indie, Alt, and Everything in Between

Athleisure and casual wear have become the new norm for most of us working or studying from home. And while the fashion spectrum is constantly shifting, the global COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered that world.

However, fashion still plays a monumental role in our society. Whether people are just bore of not leaving their homes and need something to do or have developed their character by spending so much time alone,  fashion over the past year has turned into something exquisitely unique.

The colorful indie style that was popular at the start of 2020 morphed into a darker alternative style over the year. This style wasn’t expect to be a trend for a few years. And this rapid change has fashion experts wondering what the new year will bring.


The central message of the Indie aesthetic is stylistic independence throughout. Choose less formal styles and opt for freedom by representing elements such as floral, heavy patterned and brightly colored garments. However, mix these Indie aesthetic elements with oversized apparel, like hoodies and jeans, to portray your own Indie aesthetic style.