Grim Reaper Costume Various civilizations have used figures to signify death for thousands of years. The Grim Reaper is one of the most prominent and lasting, generally a skeletal figure covered in a black, hooded robe holding a scythe to “reap” human souls. Here is some Costume for Grim Reaper.

Grim Reaper Halloween Costume for KidsGrim Reaper Halloween Costume for Kids

Grim Reaper Robe+Hood+Grim Reaper Gloves+59in Waist Chain+Glowing Red Glasses+41InSkull Scythe Scary 6 Pieces Kids Grim Reaper Costume When you put on the Grim Reaper Halloween Costume, you will have the best Halloween Party Makeup Costumes! Nothing is more terrible than the Grim Reaper.

This Tattered Creepy Black Robe Costume Set with Red LED Light Eyes will have you looking eerie this Halloween! Ideal for Halloween Costumes, Grim Reaper Costumes, Grim Reaper Themed Parties, Phantom costumes, Spooky Halloween costumes for Boys, Scary Grim Reaper Role Playing, and More!

Grim Reaper Costume

It is a premium set of kid’s grim reaper Halloween costumes, which includes a hooded robe with a high-quality digital print. A velcro release see-through face mask, a pair of long creepy pointed finger gloves, and a highly durable reaping hook/scythe.

Stylish Design: Aside from a Halloween costume’s required creepy, eerie feature, our grim reaper robe is also available in various appealing pattern colours for children. As a result, our children appear to be masters of superpowers. This premium grim reaper costume will make your child stand out at Halloween celebrations.

LifeWheel Grim Reaper Cloak

  • The cloak is brand new and of high quality.
  • Note: With Halloween approaching, the logistics are pretty hectic. We regret that we will not be able to get it to you in time for Halloween. It will be fine if you order it after Halloween.
  • You may dress up as the Grim Reaper and attend a Halloween party.
  • Washing Instructions:
  • Hand wash in cold water, Prohibition Soak in the washing machine

How to Make a Grim Reaper Costume

Underneath the outfit, wear a black shirt and black jeans. Keep everything under your cloak dark. If you don’t wear black clothing, the fabric of your cloak is usually porous, and colours may bleed through a little.

Under the cloak, wear a black long-sleeved shirt or sweater and black pants. Because most grim reaper outfits require a black cloak, the kind of apparel beneath your blanket is unimportant.

Step 2

A black cloak with a hood may remain purchased at a costume store. The most straightforward approach to obtaining a good cloak for your costume is to go to a costume store and purchase one. These cloaks are inexpensive, and you may try them before purchasing them. Get a black hooded cloak. If feasible, buy a cloak that covers your legs down to your feet.

  • You may wear an all-white cloak if you want to go for a more ethereal, ghostly grim reaper effect.
  • To build your cloak, you may quickly adapt an old wizard, vampire robe, witch outfit, or another costume. Dye the garment black or spray paint it black.

To build the belt, wrap some brown twine or rope around your waist. Cut an 8-12 inch (20-30 cm) brown twine or string length that is 8-12 inches (20-30 cm) longer than your waist. Wrap the cord or rope around your waist after that.

Make a belt, wrap the two ends of the twine or rope around each other and tie them together. If your feet are visible while wearing the cloak, use black shoes. Get some black gloves if you want to make the complete costume black. An easy alternative is to buy a prop scythe from a costume store.


Although, The men’s Light-Up Glaring Grim Reaper Costume comes with a robe, mask, belt, and gloves. Also, Scare everyone at the Halloween party with this ominous reaper. This Halloween, scare everyone crazy with a grim reaper outfit.

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