Style Your Bedroom Dresser, think as if I’m building out the city piece by piece to create a city skyline start by Framing your display with three things of different heights, something in the middle like a stack of books, something low. Something tall. Think of a tray as a little neighbourhood with its mini skyline cluster items in groups of three with the tallest things in the back.

The shortest thing that comes next is to add your skyscraper. Finish off by adding a few personal details items with distinctive shapes, like a bowtie. Add character step back, and take a look. Your skyline is complete if your eye flows smoothly through the city.

This skyline technique can work with an aside stick to two or three colours. It will look pulled together and don’t be scared to try things out that are a big part of styling. As long as you’re having fun, you’re doing it right.

ideas How To Light Your Bedroomideas How To Light Your Bedroom

general lighting, a maximum light provides us with good available light so we can find things or get enough light while we’re cleaning. Besides good public light, we need task lighting to perform specific activities like reading.

The light should remain directed to give our eyes the best possible light. The adjustable heads also keep the light absent from our partner. Another action we do in the bedroom is getting dressed in this wardrobe. We’ve used united task lighting with LED lighting. So we can see our clothes, get dressed and not disturb other people in the room.

Still, by combining lights above the mirror and lamps on either side, you get an even light and can see yourself without any shadows. Finally, we have the last lights that will turn a bedroom into a homey, cosy and inviting room mood lights, a relaxing ambience that helps us unwind after a hard day at work.

Remember that the ceiling lamp’s possibility to thin its light makes it work as a mood lamp, too, so there you have it once we combine lighting and different functions. We create a bedroom that is a hands-on room and an inviting room for rest. Style Your Bedroom Dresser


Should there be a dresser in the bedroom? If you don’t buy a dresser for your bedroom, there will probably be one or two empty walls if your bedroom is large. Even if you buy a tall, narrow dresser, it will still give your room character and help it seem finished. Some people like to buy bed and dresser sets for their bedrooms. Style Your Bedroom Dresser

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