Making A Front Porch Christmas Tree You can create a country-style look on your front porch this holiday season with indoor-outdoor materials and a few Mother Earth gifts.

Materials Required:

  • one Christmas tree, live or artificial, and a tree stand
  • a big basket (inside dimensions must be larger than the Christmas tree stand)
  • six to eight large stones or bricks
  • one burlap garland roll (available at arts and crafts stores)
  • two plastic indoor/outdoor ornament packages
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks for 48 small twigs
  • one set of wire ornament hooks

Basket Selection

Select a large basket to encircle the Christmas tree stand completely. It should be at least 10 inches tall but not much higher than the tree’s bottom branches.

Remove the Lid

Remove the lid from a lidded basket using a wire cutter.

Tree Positioning

In the basket, place the Christmas tree and stand. Cover the stand with several large stones or bricks once it’s in place to prevent it from tipping over.

Insert Ornaments

Several plastic indoor/outdoor ornaments can be secured to the tree using ornament hooks.

Include Twig Snowflakes

Make snowflake-shaped ornaments by hot-glueing four small twigs together, spray-painting them white, and glueing them together again

Sheet Music Creation Trees for ChristmasSheet Music Creation Trees for Christmas

Miniature Christmas trees made from cut and curled sheet music will add an unexpected touch to your table. These fluffy trees will give any holiday arrangement texture and whimsy.

Paper-mache or Styrofoam cones of various sizes are required.

  • sheet music, about 3-4 sheets per cone
  • cutter of paper
  • scissors
  • the hot glue gun
  • Sticks of hot glue

Remove Sheet Music

Although, Cut sheet music into 1-1/2-inch-wide strips with scissors or a paper cutter. Also, Next, cut a 1-inch long and 1/4-inch wide “fringe” along one side of each sheet music strip. Also, Make sure you don’t miss the sheet music.

Make ‘Eyelashes’

Each fringed sheet music strip should remain rolled into a tight cylinder. Also, Unroll the fringe and gently separate it with your fingers.

Music by Glue

Although, Put glue on the base of the tree procedure with a preheated hot glue gun. Also, immediately press the top edge of a sheet music strip onto the hot glue. Also, Hold for a few seconds to allow the glue to harden and cool. Wear thin work gloves to protect your skin if you want to use hot glue.

Tree Protection

Although, Apply glue and sheet music in rows around and up the tree. When working toward the top of the tree, use more petite strips of sheet music. Also, To create a fuller look, overlap each row slightly. Also, Use three trees of varying heights to create a pleasing arrangement of flowers. Why limit yourself to sheet music? Scrapbook paper, newsprint, tissue paper, or wrapping paper can all remain used.

Trees for Display

Although, Arrange the trees on an entry table or a mantel for a charming holiday display.


Although, You may use shepherd’s hooks, ratchet straps, rope or tie straps. Also, An outside umbrella stand full of water, sacks of pebbles or dumbbell weights, or fence post bases to attach your artificial Christmas tree outside. Making A Front Porch Christmas Tree Also read: Convertible Shelf Table online