The Shelf Table is an excellent choice for small spaces due to its unparalleled functionality. Transform this bookshelf into a large table in a single swift movement without having to move any of your items.

This clever design doubles as a bookshelf and can accommodate unexpected dinner guests with the table. The Shelf Table is in a beautiful chocolate walnut finish with powder-coated black legs. Seats 4-6. Shipping was quick. 7-day money-back guarantee. It goes great with the Nano Chairs.

About Convertible Shelf TableAbout Convertible Shelf Table

The Shelf Table is a multi-functional piece that saves space. The transformation from bookshelf to table happens like magic and provides infinite flexibility depending on your life patterns: work, dining, art, etc., or having fun with friends. The application is entirely up to the designer, but it is a must-have for functional spaces. It is practical as a room divider.

Unlock, and lower the shelves to form a table in a flash, without any of your items moving an inch. The frame measures 53.95 inches high by 38.2 inches wide. This piece comfortably seats 6+ people at a table, making it ideal for those unexpected dinner parties.

Store dishes on the shelf to make setting the table or office supplies easier to free up space at night. Whether you transform the piece daily or yearly, it provides peace of mind and space savings in style. The table and shelf remain secured with a twist handle. In either case, ensure it.

Shipping Specifics

Delivery is fully insured. Typically, orders remain delivered within 2-3 weeks of being placed. Ships quickly to North America and internationally.

Returns & Warranties

Although, Extended mechanic warranty of 500 days, far exceeding what most companies offer. If dissatisfied, you may return the product in good condition within seven days for a full refund minus two-way shipping costs. Also, For safe transportation, original packaging remains required.


Although, Assembly is required. Fix the base to the table.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Although, Wipe down surfaces with a soft cloth and mild soap. Avoid using abrasive or harsh chemicals.

Options for Finishing

A chocolate walnut panel finish with powder-coated black legs is available.


Although, Furniture that saves space. Please make the most of your room and improve it. Expand Furniture offers unique Furniture ranging from more brilliant wall beds. Also, That fold over sofas and desks to convertible coffee to dining tables. Also, Innovative Furniture that allows you to expand your possibilities. Convertible Shelf Table online

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