Self-Growing Christmas Tree The holidays bring a slew of extra responsibilities. Between finding the ideal gift for your best friend, producing the most delicious desserts for your holiday party, and making sure you watch all Lifetime Christmas movies.

To save your sanity, you may need to make certain sacrifices. For example, consider an artificial Christmas tree that you can put up without hurting your back or crawling on the ground. Fortunately, such a tree exists!

Grow and Store Christmas TreeGrow and Store Christmas Tree

The Grow & Stow Christmas Tree is an intelligent tree that lights itself up. You can transport the tree stand inside and plug it in. When activated, 700 dual-color LED lights to illuminate the area as the branches begin to extend out. The tree will continue to grow until it reaches its maximum height, which may remain adjusted to seven or nine feet.

After that, you don’t need any more functions, but you’ll receive them anyway. The lights on the tree may be changed to rainbow colours for a joyful, joyous aesthetic or left clear for a more refined approach. The lights may also remain programmed to fade or switch hues.

Of course, a tree this amazing will cost you, and the price is very high at $470. Still, it’d be a terrific product for anyone struggling to build or transport a tree. Furthermore, genuine ease and convenience cannot remain quantified. Watch this Grow & Stow tree in action below!

This Christmas Tree That Puts Itself Up.

Putting up the Christmas tree is a problem many of us confront yearly. Whether you place up a fake tree or cut down your evergreen every year, it’s never simple. It’s never a one-person task, from placing it in the perfect place in your living room to making sure it’s straight to situating the bare areas in the rear.

For many families, Christmas trees remain a crucial part of the holiday season, so getting them correctly is critical. Anyone who has fought a Christmas tree would enjoy a more accessible alternative, especially if it’s a tree that puts itself up!

Christmas-Tree Issues

The Grow & Stow Portland Pine Christmas tree ($449-$1,399, initially $719-$1,949) might be the answer to your Christmas-tree issues. The branches grow with the push of a remote control button after merely putting it into an electrical socket.

The tree is available in five sizes ranging from 6.5 to 9 feet tall, so whether you have a tiny or large room, you can find one that will fit. The foundation contains wheels for mobility, a foot pedal. And remote control for ultimate control over where your tree moves and when it expands.


Christmas is a time to make memories, and what better way to cherish a Christmas memory than by planting a Christmas tree in your yard? “Can you plant your Christmas tree after Christmas?” you may question. The answer is yes.

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