Shakira No Makeup: It can be said that it is very rare to capture a photo of a celebrity without makeup and many female stars keep a full face in all circumstances, even on the beach. However, Shakira is known for being a natural beauty with or without makeup. Here are some pictures of Shakira without makeup to show her marvelous beauty.

Who is Shakira? Born February 2, 1977, she is a Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, choreographer and actress. The star has consistently managed to top the Billboard charts with her groundbreaking tracks and albums. She is not only talented, smart, beautiful, sexy, but also has fabulous makeup, amazing hairstyles. Being one of the most famous singers to ever exist, the celeb has to wear a lot of makeup and put on temporary fake beauty to look attractive.

The picture below is one of Shakira’s best moments with her routine. The wavy blonde hair and pink lipstick help her look so elegant and sweet. Moreover, this style of makeup and this sparkling dress create a great look.

However, Shakira is a famous celebrity who has shown the world that there is still a way to look beautiful and attractive without makeup. Here are some photos that prove her natural beauty without makeup on her!

1. Charming Smile at FIFA World Cup:

As we can see, Shakira openly shows her face despite not wearing makeup. There is no doubt that she is one of the most beautiful dancers in the world by nature. Furthermore, she also keeps to herself, which is evident from the glow on her face even when she is tired.

1. Charming smile at FIFA World Cup_

2. With Dolphin:

As the songwriter decided to spend his precious morning at the aquarium, this image clicked. You can see that she is having fun with the dolphins. Moreover, this lucky sea creature proves its natural beauty. Without a doubt, this singer can look attractive wearing whatever she wants and makeup is definitely not one of them.

3. Fairy in the Fairytale:

The high nose, smooth skin and pink lips make her look stunning even without makeup. She’s still young and has youthful skin on the sides, so there’s no reason to cover her face with tons of makeup. It seems to send us a message: “Be confident with yourself even if you don’t wear makeup.”

3. Fairy in the fairytale_

4. On the Beach:

In this image, Shakira was strolling on the beach showing off her makeup-free face. The dancer often spends her free time swimming in order to have a sexy body and smooth skin. Moreover, her smile is obviously her best curve and also one of the main reasons for all the hype around her beauty.

5. Free makeup at the Gym:

Shakira was going to the gym on a summer morning in this photo. There’s no denying that he likes to keep things simple when he’s offstage and engages quite comfortably with his surroundings. The star wears only casual sportswear and comfortably shows off her makeup-free face.

6. With her son:

Pictured below, Shakira was seen with her son in Miami wearing a casual black sleeveless top and a bare face. Being one of the most adorable singers in the world today, this woman rarely uses any type of makeup product to look so beautiful.

Although most fans praised the Colombian star’s natural look, some poked fun at her no-makeup look. But in the end, somehow, Shakira still knows how to wow her fans, and we think she looks amazing.

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Shakira’s no-makeup birthday selfie

The Colombian singer celebrated her 39th birthday by reminding us how radiant she looks without a drop of makeup, posting a photo of her “birthday bun” on her official social media accounts.

The pop star celebrated her 39th birthday with her fans by sharing a no-makeup selfie online.

The Colombian “Hips Don’t Lie” singer proved she doesn’t need cosmetics to look good by posting the smiley, fresh snap on Instagram.

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