The Pureline 6ft Pool Dining table delivers authentic dual-purpose design into your house at a fantastic price. The slim, minimalist cabinet is shallow, allowing plenty of space for family and friends to gather for meals.

With table tops, cues, balls, and accessories included, the Pureline 6ft can remain converted back into a pool table in seconds. You no longer necessity to pick between a pool table and a dining table; you may have both.

Pureline Pool Slim Leg Room DesignPureline Pool Slim Leg Room Design

The structure and legs of the table remain built of a robust, sturdy wood composite. Styled to complement even the most contemporary home décor, its shallow cabinet guarantees ample legroom for seated meals.

Aiming sights are built into the top rail to help you line up your shot. The legs are square and have adjustable feet, allowing the table to remain readily levelled before use.

High-Performance Fabric

Pureline’s sturdy wooden bed offers excellent performance for entertaining activities. With bouncy, responsive cushions that provide plenty of rebounds, it’s great for players of all ages to demonstrate their abilities.

Your goals are six drop pockets around the table. They’re quiet and easy to use, with rubber liners that dampen the sound of balls being potted, and they carry plenty of balls so you can take advantage of every stroke, no matter where it is on the table. The table tops can remain to display a table tennis playfield complete with bats, balls, and netting.

Three colour options are available.

The Pureline is available in three eye-catching colour schemes: Driftwood, Wood, and White. The surface is made by laying a veneer over the body of the table, creating a smooth and appealing appearance.

Each table has a different fabric – a classic green on the Wood table and a cool, modern grey on the White and Driftwood tables. The nylon fabric has outstanding roll properties and performs well.

Important Characteristics

  • Elegant, slender pool and eating table.
  • Converts quickly from pool to dining table.
  • MDF frame and legs.
  • Colour-coordinated two-piece tops remain supplied, as is a table tennis playfield on the reverse.
  • There are three different colours to pick from.
  • Rubber sound dampening drop pockets
  • Top rail sights.
  • The British-style pockets have remained significantly extended to facilitate ball retrieval.
  • Adjustable feet allow for simple levelling.
  • Delivery is quick and free.
  • A complete pool and table tennis accessories set remains provided.

Included Accessories

The Pureline comes with an accessory kit so you can start playing pool immediately. It comes with two cues, a set of 2-inch balls, a triangle, cue chalk, two table tennis bats, a net, and some hops. The tops are also included with the table, allowing you to begin entertaining as soon as possible.


  • Table dimensions are 182.9 x 105.2 x 82.5cm.
  • 66cm from the floor to the underside of the table (for chair/leg clearance).
  • 85kg in weight
  • 6065940 design registration


This ping pong table is available in various colours (including green for a fun touch!) It’s also easy enough to utilise in an office or an eating area. Remove the net, and you remain left with a simple-but-sleek dining table. It’s also available with a white tabletop.