Bengali Blouse Design: The red-bordered off-white saree and the puffed-sleeve blouse have been Bengal’s gift to traditional Indian fashion. But there is much more to the Bengali style that you will find out in this article. For instance, Bengali-style blouse designs are now quite popular in the fashion scene now.

The blouses are a mix of traditional designs and contemporary cuts. In short, it is perfect for the modern lady who loves to wear a saree elegantly.

Like most wedding customs, a Bengali wedding consists of several rituals over several days. Therefore, bridal blouses are always in demand and are specially curated to suit every occasion.

While the hunt for the latest bridal blouse designs is unending, we can direct you to the right place to buy them online.

Bengali Saree with Theme Based Blouse Designs

Making us googly with their tantalising kanjeevarams, prettiest rani haars, notable temple jewels and bold & glam makeup, South Indian brides never fail to impress us with their svelte bridal choices. And as much as we’re head over heels for these glorious bridal elements, we’re equally smitten by their immensely stylish South Indian blouse designs.

Bengali Saree with Theme Based Blouse Designs

From the most elaborate embroideries, fancy stonework, and striking god motif patches to the heaviest of gold embellishments, South Indian brides equip their bridal blouses with the best of everything.

While some go on decking up the sleeves and back of their blouses, others play around with the fabric, embroideries and borders to amp up the overall look of their South Indian blouse designs.

So, if you had still been wondering that a basic round neck blouse is all you can pair with your scintillating silk sarees, let us prick the bubble for you already!

We skimmed through the internet and fetched some of the best South Indian blouse designs. Check out for yourself and save the ones you love!

How To Elevate Your Style With Bengali Blouse Sleeves Design

You’re ever looking for style inspiration and want to make your regular clothes into works of art, Sonam Kapoor’s look book is the one stop shop for how it’s done.

She’s one fashion icon who introduced the generation to an array of global designers and has supported local artists. This is the reason her style is not only unique but quite diverse.

She’s done the princess gowns and long train dresses and has given the fashion world a knack for the fusion ensembles. Tuxedos with trails, jumpsuits with a twist and most of all, sarees with beautiful fusion blouses and additions that make them perfect for people who want to ditch the normal drapes.

How To Elevate Your Style With Bengali Blouse Sleeves Design

You will also notice that Sonam Kapoor loves experimenting with blouses and sleeve styles when wearing a saree.

A simple saree with a regular drape can instantly be elevated with a complementing yet contrasting short jacket. Women pull this off in winters, but Sonam makes this style for all seasons.

You can match your jacket with the borders of your saree or find a colour that goes with the entire look. Make sure to not overdo with the accessories as your jacket is your statement piece in this look

Traditional Bengali Blouse

Handloom saris, puffed blouses, oversized glasses and braids—even in evolution, Bengali sartorial sensibilities reiterate past ideas from Brahmika drapes to Satyajit Ray

In 1964, auteur Satyajit Ray—whose centennial birth anniversary is being marked this year— released one of his most iconic films, Charulata.

Traditional Bengali Blouse

Set in 19th century Calcutta, the cinematic adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s novella Nastanirh gained critical acclaim for its storytelling and cinematography as much as its production design and costume design.

Despite its period setting, the ensembles worn by protagonist Charulata (Madhabi Mukherjee)—continue to appear as leitmotifs in the community’s clothing till date.

Bengali Blouse Design Back Side

Making your mind to wear a backless blouse can be a very bold decision. So first, ensure you are comfortable and then give it a go.

Bengali Blouse Design Back Side

As you’ll get a pre-wedding golden glow facial done, try to polish up your back to gain that glowing, sparkling back. Later, you can touch up with the bronzer or add a little tint of highlighter to illuminate the back.

This blouse would look very nice on a young girl doing on friend’s haldi ceremony or even in a baraat. It has embroidery in a V sharp design. You can pair this up with a golden saree, checkout more golden saree blouses.

Latest Blouse Designs 2023

The best part about your saree look is the blouse you pair with the six yards of absolute elegance. Yes! And a saree blouse can either make or break your desi look. So if you want some cool saree blouse designs, we will help you.

Latest Blouse Designs 2023

In this article, we have made a list of some fantastic designs that you can try for the blouse you have been excited about wearing at that next grand wedding or the particular family get-together. With these designs incorporated into your look, you will surely grab some positive (if not envious) attention.

You will be the showstopper and also inspire others to try your look. Oh, that sounds really like a celeb lifestyle-ish. Okay, now let us not keep you waiting. You are only a few scrolls away from rocking the best desi look.

So, go ahead and read the article till its end. You will be thankful to us; we are sure about that.

Bengali Wedding Blouse Designs

Every girl looks like a princess, on her wedding day. Be it her outfit, jewellery, or anything else, no bride wishes to settle for anything less than perfect, for her wedding day.

And, needless to say, every girl dreams of wearing bridal outfits from the ace designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s collection. After all, it is her big day and all the eyes will be on her.

Bengali Wedding Blouse Designs

A wedding indicates a significant change in the life of a traditional Indian woman. And for a Bengali bride, the sarees or the lehengas paired with mukut and dupatta over the head, chandan bindi art on her forehead, shakha pola, and backout (a wooden tall container filled with vermillion dust) which she carries in her hand, had been the symbol of Bengali bridal customs and traditions from time immemorial. Check out eight brides, who had donned gorgeous outfits by Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

Bengali Ghoti Hata Blouse Design

Adhering to our commitment, we at Prathaa, work with natural, breathable and hand woven fabrics. Each piece of fabric that creates your garments tells the life story of the artisans through their handwork. It also contributes to reviving the art by being a positive force towards maintaining their livelihood.

The handloom Khesh weave has been very close to our hearts building our sustainability story stronger. The exploration and understanding started when the team visited West Bengal’s Birbhum district. The weavers there collect cotton saree’s and the women patiently tear the sari into multiple long strips.

Bengali Ghoti Hata Blouse Design

The thin strips are then incorporated into new fabric. The weaver sits intently on his Hand Loom machine twisting and adding the thin strips of the sarees to fresh warp threads, to create the new and up-cycled Khesh weave.

The fabric develops stripes which can sometimes differ in color metre to metre. The “beautiful irregularity” is precisely its uniqueness.


You must have at least few Bengali blouses in your wardrobe! It should be a simple design, with lots of tassels or a bow or simple a string, choice is yours but you need to have one as it competes your Indian ethnic wardrobe.

We at are expects in making Indian wedding and ethnic wear. So if you are looking to get custom made Indian ethnic wear and want to up your fashion game then you can get started right now!