Red Hair Color is an ancient tradition that predates civilization. Ancient Egyptians would shave their hair into wigs and then colour. It with plant extracts in black, red, gold, blue, and green. The Greeks and Romans ultimately discovered how to use lead to make permanent black hair colour.

The Romans preferred wigs with black hair from India and blond hair from Germany. Sometimes even intertwining them. Prostitutes, however, were required to dye their hair blonde. Or wear a blonde wig to signify that they were sex workers.

Venetian women in the 14th century used lye to lighten. Their hair by sitting in the sun with their hair bathed in lye. Which should not remain brought close to the skin. That changed more than a thousand years later when non-prostitute women began to cover their hair with lacquer.

History of Hair Dye

History of Hair Dye

In 1863, the English chemist William Henry Perkin accidentally invented the first modern non-natural dye. He was attempting to make a malaria drug. He synthesized a chemical that was both more vivid and more permanent than natural dyes. The discovery of the molecule para-phenylenediamine. Or PPD is still the main ingredient in most hair dyes today.

By 1907 the man who would eventually become the founder of L’Oreal. He created the first synthetic dye specifically for hair. Jean Harlow, dubbed the “original blonde bombshell,”. Wore a shade of whitish blonde. Her hair was dyed using an excruciating combination of peroxide ammonia soap flakes and Clorox bleach.

Red Hair Color Shades

All 25 shades of red remained created without using neutral. In any formulas 100% white hair stood coloured to a beautiful red. It’s a myth that neutral remains needed for grey coverage red shades can remain separated into colour families. Irish Reds, French Reds, Italian Reds, Scottish Reds and American Reds. Each family remain distinguished by depth and tone.

Irish Reds tend to be lighter and softer red-orange shades of orange. With undertones of red and French Reds are brighter red shades. Italian Reds tend the be deeper with red-violet tones. Scottish Reds deeper golden browns and American Reds softer mid-range red browns.

Colour: Reddish-Brown

Natural red tresses have a reddish-brown tint. As with every hair colour, there are differences depending on how light or dark the hair is. It implies you can have either natural sunlight or natural dark red hair.

Suppose you want to get a natural-looking light red hair colour. The stunning auburn colour is widely attractive and a fantastic low-key choice. Also, The recipe features a revolutionary triple protection technique. That deeply nourishes your hair while providing a 100 per cent grey covering. It also contains a Pro-Keratine compound. Which aids in colour protection and maintenance.


Celebrities such as Doja Cat and Sydney Sweeney started the trend for red hair in 2015. Since then, it has only accelerated. With much more quickly following suit. Also, Sydney Sweeney recently ditched her typical blonde for spicier tones to show she’s embracing the trend.

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