Long Square Acrylic Nails: The long nail trend is here to stay, whether it’s done with overlays or acrylics, according to bookings at manicure salons during the past three years. There are a few shapes, including almond and coffin, that length devotees have continuously preferred.

These designs give hands a thin appearance while offering enough space for large, detailed drawings. But after years of being ignored, long square nails are now enjoying their moment in the sun.

Long, square, acrylic nails were once frequently associated with “ghetto” characters like Sheneneh (Martin Lawrence) from the comedian’s TV programme, Martin, or Nisi (Halle Berry) and Mickey (Natalie Desselle) from the 1997 film B.A.P.S.

These women wore the long, squared-off tips with elaborate designs, vivid colours, and strategically placed rhinestones, as did many other Black women of that era. In 2023, the nail aesthetic has been revived and has gained traction in culture, appearing everywhere from runway events to red carpet appearances by famous people.

The square shape is continuous from the nail bed to the end of the extension, despite being frequently compared to coffin nails. Contrary to what many people think, it can be just as feminine as tips with a rounder shape.

To learn more about this popular new-old nail trend, TZR chatted with celebrity nail artist Trenna Seney and fashion manicurist Dawn Sterling.

What Are Square Nails?

Sterling says, “square nails are a very particular shape that always makes me think of a great time back in the day.” Although most square acrylic nails included intricate nail art, floral patterns, and small gems, the shape was not seen as harsh or unfeminine in the 1990s.

Despite being a classic, the design is considerably dissimilar from the coffin shape that most people are accustomed to. According to Seney, “square nails are not tapered in any manner, unlike coffin or almond forms, which preserves the overall look boxy and is a little thicker at the tip than the other shapes.”

What Are Square Nails_

What Extensions Are Best For Achieving Long Square Nails?

Square nails were typically done with artificial nails, like most extensions in the past. Yet the long nail market has since expanded to offer a wide range of alternatives. Due to their longevity, Gel X tips are a fantastic choice for Seney.

All extensions, nevertheless, run the danger of cracking or fracturing, therefore it’s crucial to use caution when engaging in specific activities. Make sure you have a quality nail foundation and application, advises Sterling, since this will help you prevent damage.

Also, she favours a gel overlay over acrylic for square nails. “I can get a natural square nail with gel in less time and, more significantly, with less harm to the nail,” the wearer said.

What Nail Art Styles Work Best With Long Square Nails?

Long square nails are the ideal foundation for many nail art designs, just like they were when they were at their best. But, a classic French manicure is always a safe bet.

My favourite is a deep French pattern with a white tip bent under in the shape of a “U,” according to Seney. In a way that it can’t with other nail forms, the curving base harmonises with the square tip.

Sterling wholeheartedly concurs. But I also really enjoy a traditional red or black nail, she adds, “Airbrushed French ’90s styles look wonderful on long square nails.”

Long square nails have always been associated with tough street style, and despite a negative rap in the past, the design is poised to become the next big thing in manicures.

“I believe that everyone should at least once try long square nails. Start with a stunning nude if you’re nervous, then experiment with other styles, advises Sterling.

Top Designs For Long Square Nails

Hourglass Nails

Because to their long square shape and popular hourglass manicure, long square nails are a perfect canvas. Use vibrant colours and precisely placed gemstones at the base of each nail for a nostalgic look reminiscent of the 1990s.

Ballet Pink

Natural pink colors and nude tones add a soft touch to square-shaped nail extensions.

Punk French Tips

Spikes and silver tips give this classic manicure a punk rock feel.

Airbrush Designs

With lots of surface area, long square nails are the perfect option for airbrushed designs with hand-painted details.

Metallic Colors

If you’re used to minimalist nails, a metallic French tip manicure may be just the design to shake up your routine. Try using hues in the same shade range for a tonal – and artistic look.

Negative Space Half Moons

Since late last year, 1920s nail art has had a rebirth, and the stylish style seems to be going nowhere. Here, famous nail artist Betina Goldstein has blended negative space and another significant nail art trend—the vintage look—.

As a result? A stylish spring fashion interpretation. To embrace the springtime vibes, start with your favourite vibrant nail colour.

Negative Space Half Moons

Lip Gloss Nails

While the glazed donut manicure enjoyed a successful run, another simple manicure is hot for spring 2023. Introducing lip gloss nails, a trend that combines a high-gloss top lacquer over a sheer neutral foundation. According to Olivia Van Iderstine, Olive & June Mani Trend Expert + VP of Content and Design, “the nails look as though you just freshly swiped them with lip gloss without applying actual gloss,” she previously told TZR. The sheer polish adds a hint of colour, and the topcoat gives the nails an incredibly glossy sheen.

Amplified Velvet

The trendiest spring nail colour is velvet with a fuzzy texture. According to Gerstein, who speaks to TZR, “I enjoy this trend because it’s truly conveying movement – we’re not one dimensional anymore.” “You may add further dimension on top of the velvet by adding stones, foil, and textured glitters like LeChat Sky Dust.”