There is plenty of inspiration for manicures thanks to TikTok and Instagram. One form, however, always stays in style despite the myriad of nail polish hues and artistic design fads that saturate social media feeds.

Whether worn long, medium, or short, almond nails are a go-to style online and in manicure salons because they are easy to create and complement a variety of nail art.

Actually, the almond nail form appeals to both DIYers and nail artists due to its adaptability. Brittney Boyce, a celebrity manicurist and the creator of the press-on nail company Nails of LA, claims that it is one of the simplest forms to maintain at home.

An additional selling point for this shape? despite the fact that the nails are extensions, it can still look natural.

An almond shape, which can be made with natural nails, acrylic nails, or press-on styles, gives the appearance of healthy, nourished nails because of the oval base’s embracing of the nail’s natural curvature and narrowing silhouette.

It’s easy to understand why this traditional design continues to be a favourite in the business, whether you’re familiar with nail shapes or not. The following contains advice from a few nail professionals on how to maintain and style almond-shaped nails.

How To Achieve Almond Nails With Natural Nails

For many people, an oval-like form develops organically as they mature. With this in mind, basic manicure tools are all that are needed to achieve an almond shape. A strong nail file and decent nail buffer are the optimal tools to develop the almond shape for naturally long nails, according to Boyce.

Naomi Yasuda is a well-known nail artist. Although you might be tempted at first, she strongly discourages using nail cutters. Natural nails can be shaped into almond shapes most effectively with emery boards and 240 grit nail files, according to Yasuda.

How To Maintain Almond Nails

You’ll want to maintain your nails once you’ve filed them into an almond shape, which can occasionally be challenging. “You need to maintain some kind of length to best achieve almond shape nails, which is why I usually recommend adding a nail hardener or using a gel paint,” explains Yasuda.

Boyce also advises using cuticle oil daily to keep nails nourished, even when using extensions. This easy action hydrates the skin, which can easily become dry, and feeds the nail.

The Best Nail Art Ideas For Almond Nails

The possibilities for nail art on almond nails are countless because of their timeless shape. Consider trendy patterns, vibrant hues, nude tints, and stylish French manicures.

Rainbow French Tips

A traditional French manicure has the ideal contour provided by an almond tip. Choose a rainbow variant of the usual white tip for a novel twist.

Solid Colors

A solid hue is one of the chicest ways to wear this form. Applying the colours to elegant, almond-shaped nails instantly elevates them, whether bright or neutral.


When coupled with a bare base, geometric designs in harsh tones like black and white appear to be cuts.

Chrome Finish

Yasuda states, “I’ve been particularly into the chrome nails for almond shapes. Since the fall, the trend has been going strong and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. When done in strong, vibrant hues, the appearance is elevated to new heights.

Artistic Decals

Boyce declares, “I love a nude nail with art decals.” When placed randomly around the nail, they create an artistic impression and are a fun and simple nail styling option.


Shorter length almond nails look lovely with jewels like these round diamonds. Use a straightforward coat of clear polish as the base for the most simplistic appearance.