Types Of Face Shape Knowing your shape can inform changed beauty practices, from makeup to hair styling, so it’s essential to be in the know. Your face shape can impact several components of your look. It’s why specific haircuts are lovely on your best friend but aren’t as flattering on you.

Your face shape also dictates how you should shape your brows. Do you go for the arched or the flat brows? That’s a great question to consider. This article will guide you in classifying your face shape and what is even better?

How To Identify My Face Shape?How To Identify My Face Shape_

Before you start, tie your hair back, besides pulling your hair back so you can see your entire face. To find our face shape, we have to look at our face straight in the frontal view. So, you can grab a mirror and place it at your front to observe your face.

Or you can ask someone to take a picture of you so that you can watch it yourself better. Once you have that, you can identify your face shape by referring to the characteristics of the familiar face shapes that we are listing in this article.

The Oval Shape Face

The oval shape face remains widely regarded as the most balanced and ideal face shape by most makeup artists and stylists. Not only that, but then it is also one of the most preferred face shapes in traditional beauty standards. If you’re interested, you may also read this article: Ebin Lace Glue

So if you have an oval face shape, you are considered a beauty in the olden days! For the oval face shape, The width of your forehead and cheekbones are almost similar. The jawline’ is less angular and has a smooth and rounded outline.

We can also observe that the jawline’s width is narrower than the width of the forehead and cheekbones. Besides that, the width of the face is approximately around two third of the length of the face.

The Heart Shapes Face Shape.

According to Chinese beauty experts, the heart shape face shape has a heavier overall visual impression on the upper portion of the face. In contrast, the lower part appears to be less severe visually.

This statement remains because This face shape has a broader forehead; hence it tends to give a stronger impression than other parts of the face. On the other hand, it has less fat in the cheeks area, which has made them look slimmer. Their chin appears to be sharp and pointy, and it has a narrower jawline too.

The Heart Shapes Face Shape.

Heart shape face remin widely preferred in modern beauty standards, as it has the v-line slim face shape that most of us dream of! If you have heart shape face, A little touch-up of makeup to accentuate your features can do wonders to unlock your beauty!

The Diamond Shape Face.

Diamond shape face usually appears to have a slimmer facial structure. It has a more defined outer facial contour, which helps the facial features to stand out even more on your beautiful face.

A diamond face shape remains characterized by stronger cheekbones, the widest part of the face. It has a thin forehead and jawline that leads to a pointy chin. Here are the most  commonly seen face shapes. Have you identified which face shape you belong to?  If you’re interested, you may also read this article: Baton Rouge Fashion Council

However, if you remain confused that you remain stuck between 2 face shapes? No worries, human face shapes are unique. It is possible to have characteristics of more than one face shape! Types Of Face Shape


Having two types of face shapes is very common. If you find yourself having such a feature, you must combine these two face shapes’ characteristics and styling techniques. Then pick out the styling tips which work best for you!. Types Of Face Shape

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