B.tan is a line of tanning products including mousses, lotions, and oils designed to give the skin a natural-looking glow. I’ve curated a list of some of the best b.tan products here so take the time to choose one that suits your tanning needs.The great thing about the b.tan range is that it doesn’t have that awful fake tan smell that so many products have. What’s more, it’s really easy to apply and goes on smoothly, leaving you with streak-free, even results. That is, as long as you apply it correctly.Many people love b.tan because of how dark some products are. If you’re keen to get a sunless tan and eliminate the risk of skin damage or diseases like skin cancer then b.tan is an excellent option. It’ll allow you to develop a rich, dark, long-lasting color that doesn’t look fake. There’s no chance of turning orange, so you can apply confidently.

B Tan Gel

For best results shave, shower and buff your skin 24-hours before gel tanner application. Rinse in 3 hours for a natural glow, 6 hours for natural/medium glow and 9 hours for full color development. Apply with Sunless Beauty(R) Self Tanning Mitt or Tanbuki (TM) Brush on clean dry skin. Smooth evenly and blend thoroughly, until gel appears matte and dry.

For extra dark result apply an additional layer . Use sparingly on elbows, knees, face, hands and feet. Warm water rinse without soap in 3-9 hours depending on desired color depth. You may cleanse with our Kind Cleanser after 24-hours. Tan lasts up to 6 days.

B Tan Gel

Which B Tan Is The Best

I have a confession: I am very pale. Most people wouldn’t know this about me because most of the time, my skin looks sun-kissed. Peep my Instagram, and you’ll only see photos of me with golden, glistening limbs. It’s all an act! Underneath that less-than-authentic layer of color lies my natural skin tone, and let’s just say it leaves much to be desired. A spray tan is my saving grace! But these temporary treatments can be pretty pricy, and I prefer the efficiency and ease of applying a self tanner at hometo check it out on amazon

During the height of quarantine, I frantically researched the best self-tanning options that wouldn’t require an in-person visit. And that’s when I discovered b.tan, my new favorite sunless tan brandto check it out on amazon.

Which B Tan Is The Best

Glow Your Own Way B Tan

a clear, dark self tan gel enriched with skincare faves hyaluronic acid + vitamin c. so you can get glowin’ without the tacky tan development time. better yet, the clear, transfer-resistant, rinse-free gel means your glow will get glowin’ and you can get on your way.

why you’ll love me

  • i’m a transfer-resistant self tan gel that you can apply & go glow your own way… no rinse required
  • enriched with hyaluronic acid + vitamin c for that ultra juicy glow
  • i’ll leave you with darker tan results + moisturized, smooth skin
  • i’m 100% vegan, free of nasties like parabens and i love animals so am 100% cruelty free

Glow Your Own Way B Tan

How Do You Use B Tan To Glow Yourself?

look, if you follow any advice, it’s to exfoliate or prep your skin with a tan eraser. if you have any dirt or dead skin cells hangin’ round, your chances of having a patchy tan are much, much higher because the tan will fade in some spots quicker than others due to some skin cells being older than others.

to ensure the perfect face tan, we recommend only using the left over residue left on your mitt after you’ve tanned your whole body so that you don’t use too much (our faces absorb more product easier than the rest of our body)! You may also use a light layer of moisturiser before applying the tan to create a bit of a barrier so that the tan doesn’t absorb too much and clog your pores.

How Do You Use B Tan To Glow Yourself_

How Can I Make My Tan Glow Naturally?

Self-tanning is no doubt very much ‘in’ in the fashion world in recent days. It has the potential to give you that natural glow and the bronzed color that you have dreamt for a long time.

If you know the proper method of applying these hacks, you will never have to step-in in the harsh sun rays. But still, for some, it takes work to accomplish.

It can go wrong if you are unaware of the exact way of using self-tanner. As a result, you can get orange palms to the streaks like tigers. Here we come to take you out from this severe problem and make it easy for you.

Consider this article a magic wand that will help you make your skin tone even from top to toe. Let’s readout about five precious tanner hacks.

How Can I Make My Tan Glow Naturally_

B Tan Gel Reviews

Tan time is any time thanks to b.tan transfer-resistant self tan gel that you can apply & go Glow Your Own Way. No rinse required. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C for that ultra juicy glow.

Once you have completed the exfoliating part, continue the skin preparation procedure by applying your moisturizer. You must not use the self-tanning product without applying the moisturizer. Otherwise, it can leave patchy colors on your skin. The moisturizer also softens your skin, making the tanning product application easier.


What is most important in this whole process is your time and of course, patience. Wait for some time after the application to get the flawless and fake-tanned look. Rock it gorgeous!