Best Nail Shape For Fat Fingers: Finding a finger shape and size that flatters you is more difficult if your fingers are larger.

You can be examining your hands from underneath and unsure of what nail form to even acquire. Confusion may result from this.

I’ve worked on many different clients in the salon for a long time, and over that time, I’ve seen a lot of hands.

I’ve gotten better at knowing what suits bigger hands and what doesn’t. I’d like to give you the top shapes available right now.

So, which nail shapes work best for fat fingers? For fat fingers, almond, stiletto, and oval nail shapes work well. Your fingers will appear longer and more effective thanks to these forms.

Squoval and Round should be avoided because they frequently perform less well.

In actuality, each person has unique finger and nail sizes and shapes.

Hence, even if something looks amazing on you, it might not do so on someone else.

Further, you may have seen that some nail designs, such as Square, give the impression that your fingers are longer than they actually are.

The beautiful thing about nail shape is that you can utilise it to your advantage by highlighting your features in addition to using it to create an illusion.

Stiletto Nails

There is a clear reason why the stiletto shape is so popular.

Stiletto nails are excellent for people who tend to think of their fingers as being large or overweight, despite the fact that they are rather tough to do yourself at home.

This is also true since fingers appear longer and more thin due to their pointed form.

Stiletto Nails

Celebrities love the stiletto for its distinctiveness and favour it as a fashion choice.

Stilleto Nails will suit you perfectly if you like to stand out.

Just file your nail like an almond and then further file the tip to make stiletto nails.


Choose the Oval if you want to make your fingers appear longer than they actually do.

If you haven’t previously or don’t like the thought of the two aforementioned shapes, you should absolutely give it a try.

If you operate in an environment where you need to use your hands frequently or in a professional capacity, these are far more useful and appropriate.

Whatever of the colour you pick, they are quite simple to make at home and look lovely.

The Nail Shapes You Should Avoid

Although I’ve already mentioned our top three suggestions if you have slightly larger fingers (hint: Almond), I now have to discuss the styles and shapes that I do not advise:

1. Squoval

The squoval nail form is appropriate for people with long fingers; it is not recommended for people with larger fingers.

This nail shape gives your nails a broader appearance and makes them look chunkier.

While some people might love this, if you’ve found this article, I know they’re not for you.


2. Round Nails

Similar to the Squoval shape, the Round shape does not likewise produce the desired effect. Although they are useful and very easy to make, these can have the opposite impact of what you intend.

Instead, they draw attention to your nails and make them stand out more.

Your fingers will appear shorter and more stumpy as a result of doing this.

Struggling to Grow Your Nails?

As you probably noted above, the trick is to make your fingers and nails appear longer.

The greatest way to achieve this is to let them mature.

As a result, if you already have long enough nails, the designs I’ve suggested above will be much simpler to imitate.

You can make your natural nails appear more slim by growing them longer.

You might believe that applying Acrylics is something you should do right away.

While applying acrylics might result in stunning results and possibly speed up the process of getting the shape and pattern you like, it is important to remember that doing so is not particularly beneficial for the long-term health of your nails.

For example, the Nail Glue that is used to apply Acrylics can actually damage your nail beds.

Plus, unless you are careful in the removal process, you can actually remove/rip some of your natural nail off.

Put on Cuticle Oil Daily

Nails can grow and become stronger when they receive hydration as well as the essential oils, vitamins, and minerals they require.

One award-winning product that has received the endorsement of industry leaders and nail specialists is the Nourishing Cuticle Oil by LondonTown (which can be purchased for a fantastic price on their website).

To maintain the health and appearance of my own nails, I routinely apply this cuticle oil on them.

Since using this cuticle oil every day, I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in both their quality and rate of progress.

It provides quick cuticle therapy using a mixture that has been thoroughly tested and confirmed to function, even on the most severely dry, damaged, and stubbornly developing cuticles.

The wonderful thing about this balm is that because of its potent recipe, which can easily penetrate your dry nails, you will start to notice and feel improvements just days after applying it.

Prepare With Manicures

If you decide that you want either the almond or oval nails shape, you can start rounding them through regular manicures done by either yourself or at the salon.

This way your nails can grow into the shape.

Apply Some Nail Gel

It is widely known among professionals that Gel manicures help nails grow.

This is because they give the nail extra strength which stops them from breaking or snapping so easily.

If you decide to apply gel, refrain from peeling it off, and be sure to change the color every fortnight.

Again, LondonTown is the place to go for this!