Blue Nails: Preference for nail polish is subjective. You choose a color based on a myriad of factors: your mood, how much time you think is appropriate to browse the living room color wall, the color you’ve worn most recently (which I tend to avoid repeating ). The big part: It’s objectively low stakes. There’s always nail polish remover. Or, in the worst case, in a freezing situation, you live with it for two to three weeks until your next manicure.

Still, if you have time to think about your nails, figuring out exactly what you want can give you, well, exactly what you want. Trends are constantly changing and evolving and overlapping, but the one that’s on the rise is simple: the color blue. You’ve probably seen it, thought about it, maybe. Here are seven ways to wear blue nail polish that’s both refreshing and comfortable.

Simple Blue French

If you’re going to the nail salon, ask for a French manicure with a blue tip. It’s so simple. Most nail salons will charge the same price as a regular French manicure, they just have to replace the white polish with a colored option. Next time make it cobalt blue.

Simple Blue French

Checkerboard Chill Tips

If you like pressed nails, this one is for you. Chillhouse, SoHo’s flagship nail brand, has just added a new design to its reusable squeeze-on collection: Checked Out 2.0. As modeled by Chillhouse founder Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, you can see the blue checkerboard tip is cool (see similar designs on Etsy here).

Electric Negative Space

Nail artist Queenie Nguyen confirms that blue is this year’s color trend to play with. “2022 is about 50 shades of blue,” she captioned one of her recent nail art Instagrams. This particular nail art look uses an OPI blue to buff almost the entire nail, leaving a crescent moon at the bare cuticle, then adding an accent dot.

Deep Blue

Sometimes the best nail art is the cleanest. This design, by Betina Goldstein (she works with celebrities like Zoë Kravtiz and Olivia Rodrigo), uses royal blue nail polish, Chanel’s Rhythm shade, with a super-thin metallic border around the tip. Elegant.

Blue nails trend on Instagram

If you were to browse my “saved” folder on Instagram, you’d be forgiven for thinking I work as a nail technician. Why? Because I would say about 90% of my feed is images of nail art ideas and ASMR-worthy manis in action. While I was once just a naked girl barely there, if there’s one “shadow of the moment” taking over my Instagram feed right now – it’s blue. And believe me, it’s everywhere.

Blue nails trend on Instagram

From azure-tipped manis to all-over navy nails, blue is officially the shade of the season. While cobalt nails had a comeback moment in fall, when it comes to spring/summer 2022, the more shades of blue, the better.

1. Periwinkle almond nails

These almond-shaped periwinkle blue nails are gorgeous for giving your manicure a springtime update.

2. Blue skies ahead

Another very fresh update, these baby blue nails are in the CND ‘Chance Taker’ polish shade – obsessed.

9 Spring Manicure Shades That Prove Blue Is the Warmest Color

Lately we feel blue. The expressive color has taken over spring makeup bags everywhere, and we can’t help but notice that the hue has migrated to many chic nail ensembles as well. It’s not the anxious cyan that adorned your rebellious, unmanicured hands in the mid-’90s, though – the new blues are softer, more delicate and gorgeous.

9 Spring Manicure Shades That Prove Blue Is the Warmest Color (1)

For a sophisticated take on the modern blue nail, “go for a squoval shape on short or medium nails,” says New York manicurist Jin Soon Choi, referring to a hybrid of square and oval. “In general, blue polish is very wearable because it flatters almost all skin types.” But those with lighter complexions, take note: “Faded pigments will clash with pale skin, so choose a darker polish,” says Choi. (Her favorite? JINsoon Nail Lacquer in Cool Blue.)

From Burberry’s Stone Blue (a stormy, understated azure that’s surprisingly easy to wear) to Essie’s Nama-Stay the Night, an energetic and bold cobalt that’s bound to be your summer staple, here are nine vibrant polishes to wear from now.

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