Realistic Stages Of Lightening Hair There are five stages to lightening black hair, you’ll need to be aware of them if you want to get your desired hair colour. This post will go through all the phases of whitening dark hair.

Lightening Dark Hair Color StagesLightening Dark Hair Color Stages

You should expect your hair to varying significantly in colour during the seven phases of hair lightening. You’ll understand what we mean as you go through this part, where we’ll review the phases of lightening dark hair.

First Stage: Dark Brown Color

Level 4 on the colour scale is dark brown. After one cycle of bleaching black hair, you may attain this hue. This lighting level may be accomplished at home using powder bleach and a 20-volume developer. At this time, all of the dark pigments in your hair have remained removed.

Colour Stage 2: Light Brown

The following stage is pale brown. Colours ranging from 5 to 6 would be called light brown. This hue has a reddish/brown undertone. To produce a lighter colour outcome, try using a more extraordinary volume developer (30 or 40) at this stage.

Colour Stage 3: Dark Blonde

Dark blonde is the fourth step after light brown. Colour levels 6-7 are considered dark blonde, sometimes “dirty blonde.” It’s difficult to tell the difference between dark blonde and light brown, but dark blonde has a yellow undertone.

Colour Stage 4: Medium Blonde

The natural blonde colours appear at this stage. Medium blonde is a colour level 8 on the colour scale. Almost any hue will show through on top of this one.

5th Stage: Light Blonde Color

Level 9 on the colour scale is pale blonde hair, which is challenging to create at home. This hue is slightly below platinum and, if done incorrectly, may harm your hair.

How Long Do 20 Developers Take To Lighten Their Hair?

You Should Not Keep 20 Volume Developer Bleach In Your Hair For More Than 30 Minutes, Although 30 Minutes Is Long. Ideally, You Should Remove The Bleach Before Reaching The 30-Minute Limit, But The Exact Period Will Depend On Your Natural Hair Colour, Chosen Shade, And Hair Type.

Are 20 developers bad for your hair?

If you’re using it on its own, anything up to 30 volume developer is generally plenty. If you want to lighten your hair using bleach or dye, use a 20 or 30 volume developer. Any other lightening technique can harm your hair. This article is also available here: Tupac With Hair

What Effect Do 20 Developers Have On Hair?

The 20-volume developer opens the hair cuticle, but unlike the 10-volume developer, it delivers one to two levels of lifting to the hair. For example, if you have more than 50 grey hair, the 20-volume developer is the sole developer to use for 100 grey coverage and long-lasting colour.

What Number Of Floors Will 20 Volume Lift?

A single to two tiers 20 volume is the most commonly used developer in the salon. When used with permanent hair colour, 20 volumes will provide one to two levels of lift; it is the typical developer for grey covers; however, a more robust developer may stand required for more resistant hair types.

What If I Used A 20 Volume Developer On My Hair?

Because of the lifting effect, it has on the outermost layer of your hair, the cuticle layer, when you combine developer with bleach or dye, using 20 volume developer will lighten your hair even without bleach. This opening and lifting of the cuticle layer allowing the dye or bleach to penetrate strands deeply.


What are the different phases of blonde hair? Also, Depending on where you start, this secondary pigment goes through several phases. These remain referred to as bleaching levels. When you bleach your hair, it typically goes red, orange, orange-yellow, yellow, and very pale lemon yellow level 10.

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