Blue Hair Extensions If you want to trial your hair colour, blue is one of the less frightening colours to explore. And blue hair colours may look gorgeous on everyone, and there are several methods to pull it off. You may acquire three different kinds of blue hair extensions here.

1. Ruiwen hair

Hair Material: Kanekalon Synthetic Fiber of High Quality and Low Temperature. Silky and soft, very light, with no tangling or shedding. Hair Specifics: 20 pieces in two colours (Sapphire Bule and Teal Blue). Each hair piece has a little clip that can be quickly snapped into your hair and is long sufficient for you to trim and fit your hair length.

Synthetic hair extensions that are heat resistant and can be curled and straightened. You Can Design Any Style You Want Based On Your Needs. Colourful Hair Extensions Adult Children Both Like, Variety of Colors and Styles for All Occasions Each clip hair extension comes in its own clean and tidy plastic bag.

Ruiwen Hair Characteristics

Ruiwen hair characteristics include lightweight, a natural appearance, ease of usage, and the ability for youngsters to DIY. Adults and children can use it without harming their hair or health.

It may be chopped, curled, and weaved, and it is simple to create hairstyles. Children love it since it comes in a variety of colours and changes every day. What a wonderful and straightforward present to give to daughters, nieces, grandkids, friends, and classmates.

2. Tofafa

Simple to use. Straight clip-on hair extensions, each with its clip. 100% synthetic fibre that is heat resistant up to 180 degrees Celsius (360 Degrees Fahrenheit). Blue hair is long enough to be trimmed to fit your hair length. Each hairpiece has its packet, which prevents them from clumping together or tangling.

Curling Method for Human Hair

  1. Using a curling iron
  • Wrap the desired curly style.
  • Keep the temperature below 180 degrees. Allow the curling iron to hold the hair extensions for 20 seconds.
  • Please place the hair on the table besides observing the result after cooling, which improves the curl of the hair.
  • Done!
  1. The most recommended method is to use hair curlers to establish the form of the extension after immersing it in hot water (not boiling). Then, let the hair dry naturally before removing the curlers.

3. Shenhe Hair

  • Colored Clip-In Hair Extensions: Blue hair extensions are made of 100 cents High-Temperature Synthetic Fiber and do not include any chemicals. Also, Soft, smooth, natural textures, natural appearance, no shedding, no odour, seamless hair extensions at a low price.
  • Easy To Apply for Blue Kid Hair Extensions: Blue hair clip in straight hair extensions, one piece with one clip connected and extremely easy to apply. Also, Colourful hair extensions are ideal for everyday hair beauty, birthday parties, theme parties, music festivals, concerts, Halloween costumes, and other special events.
  • Homemade Blue Hair Extensions For Children: It is simple to create your stylish hairstyle. Also, Colours that are bright and wacky are a great accent to a casual outfit. Also, A present that allows you to play with colour without needing to use permanent dyes.

Although, You may use a straight hair stick or a curling iron to adorn it. Also, Our hair extensions may remain curled, straightened, blown-dried, and cut to your specifications. Also, They are long and plenty to stand trimmed to fit your hair length. They are also suitable as presents for youngsters.


Although, What exactly are black and blue hair extensions? Many people will find the phrase “black and blue hair extensions” unusual because we generally only see hair extensions coloured in a single hue, blue or black. However, the most popular hair extension colours have been black and blue in recent years.

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