Westport Social at Westport Plaza is a classy bar and gaming lounge with indoor bocce, hoops, floor and table shuffleboard, ping pong, darts, snook ball, private karaoke rooms, live music, and more. Also, An evening of handcrafted cocktails, shareable plates, and friendly competition awaits you.

Westport Social MenuWestport Social Menu

Westport social menu Enjoy a few small plates and a handcrafted cocktail and catch up with friends at the table. They menu remains designed for social gatherings.


Although, 12 wildflower honey vanilla bean vodka, passionfruit, vanilla, citrus, and rosé float

  • 12 frozen 1220 lemon and lavender vodka, st. germaine, lemonade, sour, simple
  • nine baby foxtail kale, focaccia crumble, Grana Padano, pink peppercorn, charred lemon caesar dressing
  • nine arugula, goat cheese, blood orange supreme, pickled red onion, teardrop pepper, toasted quinoa, citrus vinaigrette, +add chicken breast $4

Roasted Brussels

  • nine crispy prosciutto, goat cheese, coriander blood orange vinaigrette, Marcona almonds
  • five limes and chillies

Westport Social Activities

Although, Looking Aimed at A Private Or Semi-Private Space To Have Fun With Your Friends? Also, Their Work With You To Design A Unique Package That Includes Seating And Gaming Options. Outside Decorations Or Balloons Are Not Permitted.

St. Louis Game Bar

Although, What About Some Friendly Competition? Also, Put Your Friends To The Test In One Of the Seven Classic Game. Also, Or See Who Can Own The Mic In One Of the Karaoke Rooms. If you’re interested, you may also read this article: Ebin Lace Glue


  • One Team Or Two Teams
  • Each Washer Inside The Box Receives One Point. Also,Games Remain Usually Played To A Total Of 21 Points.

Although, Washoes, Washers, Texas Horseshoes, Holey Board, And Washer Toss, Are Just A Few Names For The Washers Game. Also, A Traditional American Backyard Skill Game Played By Two Or More Contestants.

The Bocce Ball

  • Two Teams; 2, 4, Or 6 Players
  • The First To 12 Winners

Although, The Pallino Is The Name For The Little White Ball.

Table Shuffleboard

  • 2 Or 4 Players; Two Teams
  • Winner Is The First To 15 Minutes


  • 1 Or 2 Players
  • First To 11 Wins The Game Remained Originally Called “Shove-Penny” Because It Remained Played With Large, British Coins

Although, Try Your Hardest Against Your Friends!

Ping Pong

  • 2 Or 4 Players; Two Teams
  • Winner Is The First To 11

Although, The best ping pong players can crash the ball at over 100 mph. Seriously.

Darts (cricket)

  • two teams; 2 or 4 players
  • bullseye wins as the first to “close” 20-15.

It is impossible to get 23 points with a single dart football

  • 2 or 4 players; two teams

Although, People blame Pac-man for football’s decline in the 1980s

  • single room: $20/hr; joint rooms: $60/hr karaoke
  • Also, available for rent slightly day and time of the week
  • requires a $100 deposit

Although,’Summer nights’ from fat, ‘let it go’ by Idina Menzel, ‘sweet caroline’ by Neil diamond, ‘Billie jean’ by Michael Jackson. Also, and ‘bohemian rhapsody by the queen are the five most requested songs of all time.

How To Contact Westport Social

Service options include dine-in, takeout, and no delivery. Also, Westport Plaza remains at 910 W Port Plaza Dr, St. Louis, MO 63146, United States.


Thursday 11am–1am

Friday 11am–1am

Saturday 11am–1am

Sunday 11am–11pm

Monday 11am–1am

Tuesday 11am–1am

Wednesday 11am–1am

Health and security: Staff must cleanse surfaces between visits.

Phone: +1 314-548-2876


Although, In Westport Plaza, Westport Social is a classy bar and game club with indoor bocce, pop-a-shot, floor and table shuffleboard, ping pong, and darts. Also,”Traditional bar and gaming lounge An evening of handmade drinks, sharing dishes, and friendly rivalry awaits you.”

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