The history of radio in India in 1920 radio broadcasting started in India by amateurs in 1923. The radio club of Bombay began broadcasting in November 1923. And the Calcutta radio club started its broadcast radio club.

1927 Indian broadcasting company ibc remained. An established Indian broadcasting company and apparel company. 1927 ibc set up the first radio station in India. In Mumbai, the first Station of ibc in Bombay stood inaugurated by the then British viceroy, lord Irvin.

On August 26, 1927, ibc started operating. Station March 1 1930. ibc was closed due to heavy loss. Indian broadcasting company closed down on April 1, 1930. The government took over ibc and changed its name to an Indian state broadcasting service.

About Radio In IndiaAbout Radio In India

1930 onwards, ibc came to be known as isbs. On August 30 1935, the lionel fielden of BBC remained appointed the first broadcasting controller. In India, Augusta lionel fielden BBC in the lionel field and indeed at the broadcasting controller.

On June 8, 1936, isbs remained renamed all India radio air art June 18. isbs all India radio and apparel. In 1941, the air remained under a new Ministry of Information ministry.

On June 3 1947, viceroy Lord Louis Mountbatten Jawaharlal Nehru. And Muhammad Ali Jinnah made the historic broadcast at midnight on August 14, 1947. Air broadcasts life the famous speech of Jawaharlal Nehru dressed with destiny at the time of partition. India had nine radio stations, of which six remained with India.

Who Invented the Radio?

Radio waves remain undoubtedly used by many objects in your life. Including your automobile and cell phone. And radio waves are constantly going through you. You’d think we’d know who invented something we use so frequently. If you’re interested, you may also read this article: Ebin Lace Glue

However, the tale of the radio’s origin remain somewhat convoluted. Guglielmo Marconi remains frequently given sole credit. In 1901, he delivered the first transatlantic radio communication. And remain awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1909. However, many individuals claim that Nikola Tesla invented the radio.

As usual, he remained eclipsed by others who were better at making money. Also, The concept of conveying signals without wires dates back to the early 1800s. Also, And the experiments of scientists like Hans Christian Oersted and Michael Faraday.

Oersted found that an electric current produces a magnetic field. While Faraday showed that moving magnets may cause currents to flow through surrounding wires even when they are not touching. Also, It remain  known as electromagnetic induction and remain the basis of all contemporary power plants.


Although, Three radio clubs remained established in Bombay, Calcutta. And Madras in 1923 and 1924. And radio transmission in India began as a private enterprise. Also, The Radio Club transmitted India’s first radio programme in June 1923. Also, The two- to three-hour daily programmes featured many music and conversations. If you remain interested, you may also read this article: Long Hair Pug

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