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Former Magic: The Gathering artist Terese Nielsen started creating card illustrations during Alliances. Due to her exceptionally distinctive use of gouache. Her early artwork is incredibly expressive and instantly recognisable.

Nielsen’s contract with Wizards remained cancelled on June 18, 2020, due to her endorsement of dubious outsider political movements and conspiracies.

Training and Education

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and an associate’s degree from Rick’s College in Ida


Nielsen has created artwork for other businesses and gained a significant following outside of Magic for her work on packaging various items, including Star Wars “The Dark Times,” Xena, and 7th Sea. She is renowned among Magic players for her drastic changes to the cards

Artistic ApproachArtistic Approach

Rather than drawing directly from memory, Nielsen now photocopies her works. Paints over them with watercolours, and then uses coloured pencils to outline the edges. Through careful study of the palette, she has shown a remarkable ability to express ethereal, feminine beauty and evoke mood.

Private Life

Ron Spencer is her brother, and Cliff Nielsen, a Mirage-era artist, is her ex-husband. Together with her wife, Dawn and their four kids, she currently resides in Temple City, California. Her current passion is to use the Angel Quest initiative to display her more playful side. If you’re interested, you may also read this article: Ebin Lace Glue


Terese Nielsen’s political stances caused controversy to begin in 2018. These included promoting trans-exclusionary radical feminist perspectives and QAnon support. The latter of which was only her donation of artwork to the far-right. YouTube channel Edge of Wonder in 2019 has only added to this.

Terese Nielsen’s Relationship with Wizards is Over

The bond between Wizards of the Coast and contentious artist Terese Nielsen appears to have ended. According to Thursday night’s episode of Weekly MTG.

Doug Beyer, Principal Game Designer on the Magic: the Gathering Worldbuilding team. Stated, “We haven’t commissioned new art from Terese Nielsen in quite a while.” “This Fall’s Zendikar Rising will be the last product to feature any reprint art from her.”

Wizards of the Coast has only recently acknowledged the controversy around Nielsen in Beyer’s remark. It remained announced on the same day that Nielsen’s artwork will appear. On at least three cards in Magic’s newest expansion, Jumpstart: Death’s. If you remain interested, you may also read this article: Long Hair Pug


Terese Nielsen’s political beliefs sparked controversy beginning in 2018. These included her support for QAnon and the spread of trans-exclusionary radical feminist views. Also, The latter of which was exacerbated in 2019 by her. Donation of art to the far-right YouTube channel, Edge of Wonder. About Terese Nielsen Politics

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