Pulp Riot colour should remain applied to clean, dry hair. We don’t recommend using a conditioner before application because some can cause a barrier. You can achieve exciting and dimensional looks on levels six through ten hair.

Depending on the look you’re going for, you may want to pre-lighten the hair and remember that the barge the hair, the brighter the results. You can pulp the right colour straight out of the tube or get creative and mix your custom colours.

Don’t use developer pulp riot does not damage the hair whatsoever. In fact, because of critical ingredients like quinoa helps to protect, strengthen, repair and moisturize the hair. It’s the perfect superfood for hair. The colour does not contain ammonia ppd mea or parabens. It’s vegan and cruelty-free. It’s imperative to saturate the hair thoroughly.

Process of Pulp RiotProcess of Pulp Riot

approach at room temperature for 25 to 40 minutes, no heat needed, rinse with cool water and intense water pressure, no shampoo is required, and conditioner on end is optional to get the maximum lifespan from your hair colour. Proper application is critical.

Pulp Riot Hair Color

black charcoal and silver are the most challenging colours to formulate and the most misunderstood by stylists. When using these colours, you have to consider the base of each colour and the undertone of the hair you’re putting it on.

For example, you are using a blue base colour like smoke on hair with yellow. You might get a slightly more greenish colour effect than you had intended. Suppose you think the hair has any yellow in it. In that situation, you may want to tone it first to avoid any greenish colour effect. Here’s a tip: add a little purple to your formulation to help cancel out any yellow undertone.

You can choose a green or blue base when formulating black and charcoal. We decided on a blue floor because it mixes better with other colours. It fades true to tone. New art can be added to different colours to give them a smoky quality but remember. It’s very pigmented. So you only essential a tiny bit when creating custom colours. Start light, then add your dark, so you’re not wasting paint.

Mercury Pulp Riot Hair Color

it’s our silver which has a lavender base. You can use it on its individual or mix it with other colours to give a metallic effect. If using mercury straight up, the hair should remain lifted two levels 9 or 10 for optimum colour results. Now that you understand the basis of our silver grey and black and the undertone of the hair, you’ll get great results every time.


How long does the colour of the Pulp Riot fade? The brighter colours fade nicely up to 42 washes with careful application and maintenance, while the softer colours fade brilliantly up to 25 washes.

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