There are a couple of reasons you might find yourself searching for men’s water shoes this season. Not to be a downer, but just because summer is around the corner doesn’t mean the elements cease to exist. (It’s called a sun shower, pal. Look it up.) Even in June, you’re bound to find yourself in a situation where slippery surfaces or damp conditions mean flip-flops won’t do. (See: kayaking, hiking, beach, water parking.) You have two options: either completely destroy your dopest Jordans, or get yourself a pair of water-resistant kicks expressly designed to handle the worst of what the elements throw at them.

Luckily, today’s men’s water shoes have evolved beyond their scuba roots, and the category now encompasses plenty of gorp-y, even fashion-forward styles. We’re eyeing every quality option in anticipation of the warmer weather, from freaky neoprene-lined high-tops to scuba-ready aqua socks.

Which Nike Runners Are Waterproof?

Cool, wet weather can be a welcome reprieve for runners. But a rainy run can quickly turn uncomfortable if an athlete’s footwear soaks up every puddle it encounters.

Nike offers two waterproof running shoe models — the React Pegasus Trail GORE-TEX and Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Shield — that are designed with durable, moisture-repellent technology to keep feet dry, as well as tractioned outsoles for strong grip on slippery surfaces.

From hydration packs to sweat-wicking T-shirts and lightweight hats, there’s plenty of specialized gear for runners. But no item is more important than the shoes you wear.

Which Nike Runners Are Waterproof_

Are Nike 270 waterproof?

This is one of the best all-around Nike golf shoes in terms of year-round wearability and performance. It scores well in all of the categories, and does particularly well in style and comfort. We love how the mesh upper is waterproof yet doesn’t overheat in hot conditions.

The Nike Air Max 270 G takes after the original Air Max 270, which is to say that it’s really comfortable. The sock-like fit feels supportive and provides a more perfect fit. That being said, it definitely runs at least a half size narrow, so make sure to factor that in when figuring out sizing. This is one of the best all-around Nike golf shoes in terms of both year-round wearability and performance.

It scores well in all of the categories, and does particularly well in style and comfort. We love how the mesh upper is waterproof yet doesn’t overheat in hot conditions. While the traction is versatile and can be worn on various surfaces, its grip doesn’t stand out among Nike golf shoes. But certainly isn’t lacking. We recommend the Air Max 270 G for those searching for a sport-style golf shoe that can be worn year-round with plenty of performance along the way.

Are Nike 270 waterproof

Nike Water Shoes For Swimming

As a sport, swimming is something often taken for granted. Its relatively common-place status – the fact, for example, that public pools are within relatively easy reach of most people living in the UK – encourages a general mindset that is an activity that’s open and accessible to all. On investigating the matter closer, however, a somewhat different story emerges.

In fact, if you were to carry out a census of attendees to British swimming facilities, you’d find that the demographic pie chart of swimmers fails to represent the general population. Black communities, in particular, are woefully underrepresented in the sport. According to figures published by Sport England, it is estimated that an astounding 95% of Black adults – and 80% of Black children – are unable to swim.

Nike Water Shoes For Swimming

Nike Water Shoes Air Max

A pair of “Jesus Shoes” are on sale for $4,000 — and for that price, the lucky owner can literally walk on water. The shoes were designed by Brooklyn-based creative arts company MSCHF and they come with holy water in the soles.

MSCHF bought a normal pair of Nike Air Max 97 sneakers at market value. The company’s head of commerce, Daniel Greenberg, confirmed to CBS News. A plain pair of men’s Air Max 97s go for about $160. But MSCHF completely revamped the shoe and added a golden Jesus on a crucifix as a shoelace charm.

MSCHF also sourced holy water from the River Jordan. Which was blessed by a priest in Brooklyn and added it to the soles of the sneaker.

Greenberg said that the new “Jesus Shoes” went on sale for $1,425 Tuesday and sold for that price within a minute. The buyer has now listed the sneaker on the resale website StockX for $4,000.

Nike Water Shoes Air Max

How To Wash Toddler Nike Shoes

First, Nike does not recommend washing shoes in the washing machine. Properly hand-washing your shoes is the best way to ensure they won’t be accidentally harmed. Plus, you can damage your washing machine by washing bulky items, like sneakers, inside.

The best way to clean sneakers without damaging them is to brush them with a mild cleaning solution and let them air dry. It’s essential to take special care when cleaning certain materials, such as suede.

Are Water Shoes Good For Your Feet?

The right footwear is a must for any sport or activity as it helps you perform at your peak while providing the appropriate level of protection. Think any shoe will be just fine in the water? Think again.

Are Water Shoes Good For Your Feet

If you’ve ever stepped on a sharp rock with bare feet or slipped on a dock wearing flip-flops. Then you’re already aware of two key reasons why water shoes matter: safety and traction. Their lightweight designs, flexible material and rugged outsoles are an ideal balance of protection and comfort. Plus, if you’re big into boating, you’ll be happy to hear that most water shoes have non-marking soles.