Joe Burrow Long Hair: Thursday should be a night to remember for LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, as he’s the heavy favourite to be selected first overall in the 2020 NFL draft. However, the Heisman Trophy winner appears to be bracing to get roasted on social media.

The Tigers star said on The Big Podcast with Shaq (h/t’s Bryan DeArdo) he’s planning on being at home with his family in Athens, Ohio, to watch the draft.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine first issued a stay-at-home order March 22 to limit the spread of COVID-19. Four days earlier, DeWine ordered the indefinite closure of selected businesses, including barbershops and salons.

Did Joe Burrow Have Long Hair

Did Joe Burrow Have Long Hair

Throughout his professional career playing American football, Joe Burrow always appeared with his short iconic hairstyle. However, during the early stage of his career, Joe Burrow styled his hairs long for a short period. This long hairstyle fitted well with Joe Burrow as a young potential footballer at that period.

Here are some examples of long hairstyles by Joe Burrow that our hairstyle expert-selected. So, without further delay, let’s move to the hairstyles of long hairs worn by Joe Burrow.

This mid-parted hairstyle of Joe Burrow is nothing new but with long hair this hairdo is pretty. With symmetrical parts of long hairs, Joe Burrow takes this one to a retro hairstyle.

A cap and long hair are a great combination for men who styles their hair with long or medium-long hair. Joe Burrow looked amazing and handsome with this hairstyle along with a cap.

Joe Burrow Contract Length

Burrow’s rookie contract was a four-year, $36.2 million deal. In 2022, he earned roughly $5.5 million in cash, making him one of the biggest bargains in the league. That will soon change with this extension, which will likely put him in the realm of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league.

Joe Burrow Contract Length

The Cincinnati Bengals are looking to reach their second consecutive AFC Championship by taking down the Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium on Sunday. While the organization hopes its playoff run lasts until its hoisting its first-ever Lombardi Trophy, once the offseason begins, all eyes will be on Joe Burrow.

The Bengals quarterback will become eligible for an extension this offseason and the team is eyeing this period to negotiate a lucrative extension for its franchise centerpiece, according to NFL Media. Players become extension eligible following their third season in the league, and Burrow will have crossed that threshold, thus triggering these talks.

As they look to hammer out a deal, the Bengals could also place the fifth-year option on Burrow to further ensure he’ll remain with the organization for years to come.

What Hair Product Does Joe Burrow Use

Joe Burrow is a football quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League. Joe Burrow has a suave medium-short haircut.

What Hair Product Does Joe Burrow Use

The medium-length hair on top gives Joe Burrow’s hairstyle some volume, while the sides are tapered to keep it looking neat and tidy. These two make this style easy to manage and perfect for everyday wear.

Joe Burrow has a suave medium-short haircut. The medium-length hair on top gives Joe Burrow’s hairstyle some volume, while the sides are tapered to keep it looking neat and tidy. The combination of these two elements makes this style easy to manage and perfect for everyday wear.

Joe Burrow Career Record

Joe Burrow entered college as a fairly highly regarded quarterback prospect who chose his in-state school, Ohio State, but after later losing out on the Buckeyes’ starting quarterback job, he transferred south to LSU, where he played for two seasons and etched in name into Louisiana and FBS lore after putting together an all-time great 2019 season that saw Burrow win the Heisman Trophy and the Tigers win the national championship.

Joe Burrow Career Record

Here’s everything you need to know about Joe Burrow’s college career.

The vitals on Joe Burrow

Schools: Ohio State, LSU
Position: Quarterback
Height: 6-4
Weight: 221 pounds
Years active: 2015-19

What Size Is Joe Burrow

The first measurements at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine took place Monday, and all eyes were on potential No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports provided the full measurements from the LSU quarterback:

What Size Is Joe Burrow

The hand size could be a concern, with the nine-inch length from pinkie to thumb matching the smallest measured at the combine since 2008 among first-round quarterbacks, per Ben Baby of ESPN. Jared Goff, Ryan Tannehill and Chad Henne are the only players with nine-inch hands to throw at least 300 NFL passes in the last 10 years, per Baby.

Jake Fromm, also considered a potential first-round pick, had his hands measured at 8⅞”, per Robinson. Justin Herbert and Tua Tagovailoa were each measured at 10 inches.

While some overlook the hand size, it could correlate with increased turnovers. Scouts from bad-weather cities reportedly especially take note, per Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports.

The Cincinnati Bengals hold the No. 1 overall pick, while current head coach Zac Taylor previously served as quarterback coach for both Goff with the Los Angeles Rams and Tannehill with the Miami Dolphins. The coach could provide extra insight into how much this could affect him.

What Type Of Haircut Does Joe Burrow Have?

The star of the Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Burrow is an absolute sensation right now. People are talking about him for lots of different reasons and one of them is the Joe Burrow haircut.

This talented young man helped his team break the longest drought in North American sports. He is also one of the top contenders for this season’s NFL MVP award.

Apart from his amazing sports skills, there is a huge buzz around his appearance and haircut as well. A big number of people seem to like his hairstyle genuinely.

What Type Of Haircut Does Joe Burrow Have_

That is why we have crafted this article. We want to present the best hairstyles of Joe Burrow to his fans. We would also answer the other questions you guys have about his hair.

He actually has some really exciting hairstyles and you might find one that you’d want to adopt for yourself.

Joe Burrow does not frequently change his hairstyle. But, he has tried out a few things throughout his career. We have gone through those styles and now present the ones that will inspire you to try them out.

Technically any haircut that Joe Burrow has ever had will be considered as a Joe Burrow haircut. However, when people mention or talk about the Joe Burrow haircut, they are mostly referring to this exact hairstyle.

Let’s take a closer look at this style. Firstly, you would need a partition that is somewhere between a middle partition and a side partition. The partition won’t be too sharp and it will only go till halfway through the top area.

How Do You Style A Brush Up Hairstyle?

The uniquely tousled appearance of brush up hair has its iconic memorable and recognizable image – celebrities of all ranks like Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik, or Bruno Mars adjust the upcut hairstyle to their styles and outfits.

Despite the popularity of brush up hairstyles for men, they don’t have an equally recognizable name like a pompadour or a quiff. But does it really matter if the hairstyle itself is so bright and authentic that no man or girl stays indifferent?

How Do You Style A Brush Up Hairstyle_

A brushed up hairstyle suits most guys, offers added volume and height, and is super easy in maintenance and styling. And all these benefits come with the fact the hair style is modern and outstanding.

Scroll down to find out what cool variations of brush up hairstyles you can create, what hair product will work best for your hair, and to check out a step-by-step tutorial on how to get hair to stand up.

What Makes Joe Burrow So Cool?

LOS ANGELES – Joe Burrow burst onto the national football scene in 2019, and a near-instant legend became forever intertwined with the fabric of the sport: Quarterback of the unstoppable 2019 national champion LSU Tigers, Heisman Trophy winner, No. 1 pick of the 2020 NFL draft and now one win from taking the Cincinnati Bengals to their first Super Bowl title.

And yet the 25-year-old’s achievements on the gridiron already seem to be taking a backseat – they’re at least riding shotgun – to his growing persona off of it.

What Makes Joe Burrow So Cool_

Burrow seems to have near universal admiration from an NFL community he hasn’t even been a part of for two full years and growing crossover appeal – maybe he’ll be the guy to fill a Brady-sized hole that currently occupies the league universe – triggered by his victory cigars, Cartier frames and turtleneck adorned with the icy “JB9” chain (No. 9 being his jersey number).

“I have a lot of them,” said Burrow, who is 7-0 in postseason games, returning to his time at LSU, in the lead-up to Sunday’s Super Bowl 56 against the Los Angeles Rams.

What Is Joe Burrow’s Favorite Nickname?

In Joe Burrow’s case, he brings a special blend of self-confidence and edginess that inspires teammates and fans to believe in him no matter the situation. Moreover, dating back to his days at LSU, the 25-year-old established a reputation as someone who could elevate his game in key moments.

What Is Joe Burrow's Favorite Nickname_

Refusing to crack under pressure not only allowed Burrow to achieve incredible success (he led the Tigers to a national championship as a senior), but it also allowed him to earn some street cred.

Traphouse Sports, a popular TikTok account, significantly boosted Burrow’s profile by anointing him both “Joe Shiesty” and “Joe Brrr.”

However, does that necessarily mean “Joe Shiesty” best represents Joe Burrow


if we recall, Joe Burrow is familiar with his short hair, but long hair is much rare compared to his short hair. However, Joe Burrow, with his longer hairstyle, looked so pretty when he was younger when he styled a long hairstyle.