How To Fold A Long Sleeve Shirt   is one of the most challenging apparel items to fold. Fold all of your long-sleeved clothing items, such as T-shirts, dress shirts, and sweaters, using the KonMari approach. This method will conserve space, decrease wrinkles, and preserve your long-sleeved shirts in good condition.

T-shirt folding of Long Sleeve ShirtT-shirt folding of Long Sleeve Shirt

Smooth out the T-shirt by laying it facedown in front of you. Straighten the body and sleeves, removing any creases or folds. You may fold on any clean, flat surface, such as a table, bed, or floor.

Fold the garment in half so that the sleeves are correctly aligned. Bring one side across to meet the other, so the two sides mirror each other. You may fold from the left and right—go with your instincts.

Sleeves Folding

Fold both sleeves together to form a triangle. As you fold the sleeves backwards, keep them squeezed together. Make a second fold above the elbows in the other direction to create a triangle. Assemble one long rectangle form by placing both sleeves on top of the body of the long sleeve t-shirt.

Fold the rectangle in half or thirds to fit in your drawers or shelves. Begin by folding the shirt into a smaller rectangle at the bottom. Use the third approach to store your clothes standing up in your drawers for quicker access. Use the halves approach while stacking shirts on a shelf.

Dress Shirt Folding of Long Sleeve Shirt

Button up the dress shirt and smooth it out. Button the bulk of the buttons, so the garment holds its form and stays together while folded. Straighten out any wrinkles or creases with your hands, then tweak the collar until it lies flat and nice.

Place the shirt on a flat surface, face down. Folding should be done on a clean, flat surface such as a table, dresser, or bed. Smooth the shirt and straighten the collar if it has crumpled or collapsed before laying it facedown.

Sleeves Folding

Fold the left sleeve toward the shirt’s centre. Begin the fold at the shoulder and move your left arm over the back of your shirt. It will result in a single long line along the left side of the garment. The aim is to build the shirt into a long rectangular form. Therefore, ensure the left arm cuff does not stretch past the right side of the garment.

Bring the right sleeve across the left sleeve to form a rectangle. Do the same manoeuvre with the right sleeve now that you’ve mastered the left! Fold the right arm at the shoulder and cross it over the left arm in the centre of the shirt. Check that the right sleeve does not stretch over the edge of the shirt.

Begin by folding the garment in thirds from the bottom. Fold the bottom 3rd of the shirt, then the next third to meet the shirt’s shoulders. It results in the ideal size for storing the shirt in a suitcase, drawer, or shelf.

Reverse the shirt and adjust the collar. Before packaging or storing your shirt, iron out any creases and ensure the collar is tidy. This method will save the collar from getting crushed and the cloth from wrinkling excessively.


Consider adding extra shelves to your shelving unit if you store your folded shirts, so you have more storage space and don’t have to stack your shirts as high. You are forming a triangle shape with the sleeves. Begin by folding the sleeve towards the shirt and pressing it.

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