Email Marketing Strategies: In an ideal world, teenagers and parents listen to the youth night announcements and share this information with other church members. The problem is that our world is far from ideal!

As a result, no one wants to be the organizer of a youth night. Indeed, many pastors avoid promoting anything at all. Eventually, people do not attend youth night and other church events.

Instead of moaning, let us focus on marketing our church’s youth night. These are some tried-and-true email promotion tactics for increasing attendance when it is low.

1. Collect Email Database

Don’t forget to include an “Email” section in the attendance book the next time you host an offline church event, especially one geared toward teenagers. This simplifies the collection of email addresses.

Email lists allow you to communicate directly with your members and establish long-term relationships. Best of all, email lists can be used in combination with other kinds of content and social media.

Email is one of the most personalized forms of online engagement. People check their inboxes on a regular basis. Hence, by granting you permission to email them, your church members are indicating that they trust you and value the information you have to give.

Furthermore, while social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have big user bases, they still pale in contrast to the number of people who use email. Because of the enormous user base, your chances of reaching your intended audience are substantially better than with other communication methods.

2. Send Out Invitation Emails

We’d have to send event invitations by SMS, direct messages, or physical mail if emails didn’t exist. While all of these media can contribute to a successful event promotion, email is still the best medium for delivering invitations.

Not only is email simpler to deliver and receive, but it is also simple to collect user data. Having this information at your side makes it easier to determine what is and isn’t working with your church’s youth night promotion campaign.

Once you have a usable email list, you can begin working on the email style and design for your invitation email. You can speed up this process by using church email templates that have been developed to accommodate church events such as youth night.

3. Cut Down on Buzzwords

Teens have a keen sense of genuineness; they can detect jargon used as a means of “reaching out” from a mile away. They will also feel more at ease if you act like someone from your own era rather than attempting to impersonate one of them.

Though you want to reach kids where they are, it’s easy to overlook the target and come across as suspicious. Make certain that the references and jargon you use to express your messages are those you are accustomed to.

4. Include Real Testimonials

Consumers are more likely to believe other users’ reviews than brand claims; this also applies to your youth night email marketing efforts!

A testimonial is more trustworthy because it represents people’s unbiased opinions. It alleviates any reservations that potential attendees may have about your event.

These testimonials can be delivered as short narratives. These testimonials can also be in the form of a video, which will pique the interest of your church members even more.

Overall, testimonials are an excellent approach to telling potential participants about how your event has influenced the lives of other church members. Reading such a testimonial will dispel any doubts in their minds and persuade them to attend the event.

5. Thank You to Those Who Came Out to Support the Event

In addition to the invitation email, you must send a thank you message to the participants for helping to make the event a big success. It’s a great method to keep your attendees engaged after the event.

Your church members may also invite a guest to the youth night event. As a result, thank-you emails provide you with yet another opportunity to broaden the reach of your information to a completely new audience.


When it comes to using email marketing to promote a youth night event at a church, always tell yourself, “Sell! Sell! Sell!”. Don’t be embarrassed by your event. People will get the impression that you are genuinely passionate about the event if you are constantly selling it.

If it’s worthwhile for your members to attend, it’s worthwhile for you to sell. Get as many people as possible to attend the youth night. Pastors frequently misjudge how many people want to participate and end up assuming no one wants to come.

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