The idea of merchandise is likely a familiar one, especially if you’re in business. However, it might not be something that you’ve considered for your own approach. You likely have your own reasons for this, but as time moves on and as your business develops, it’s worth asking yourself familiar questions in order to see if the answer has changed. It might be that your business is in a much better place now to explore the option of merchandise.

Should you, though? What can it do for your business? This depends on the scope that you’re talking about, and the right knowledge can help you to make a decision.

Brand Recognition

Even if you initially just limit your merchandise to you and your team members, to begin with, this can have incredibly beneficial results. Custom shirts, jackets, coats, or hats, through outlets like, can inform people of your brand, even if they’re just passing you by. Those who are interacting with you in a more dedicated fashion might find themselves drawn to the professionality of the appearance, and it could even be something that encourages other people to investigate what you’re all about.

Of course, at a certain point, you might find it especially worthwhile to expand your scope. It might be that people who volunteer with you get similar items (if that’s what you do), or it could simply be that these items become available in your store past a certain point of popularity.

Bringing in New Audiences

Some people are big on that aspect of collection. This isn’t always going to be the market that you’re aiming for, but collaborations that bring a limited-time offer in the form of merchandise can be something that encourages people to jump on board. Even if this is something that they don’t necessarily want right now, it’s something that might one day fetch a high price for them due to its scarcity.

Alternatively, looking to things like the Funko Pop craze can show you how popular those kinds of directions can be. Not every business will feel as though that area applies to them, but it’s no secret how much money George Lucas ended up making from the merchandise alone when it came to Star Wars – something that some even feel guided certain creative decisions.

When the Time is Right

Obviously, the question is about timing. It might be something that you’re interested in, but that doesn’t mean that you want to jump in right away – it could be that your business isn’t yet in the best position to take advantage of this, or it otherwise just might not make sense for where you’re at. Keeping your eyes on options, and consistently talking with those in your business that might have more knowledge about the financial feasibility of such a move, can allow you to strike when it makes the most sense – maximizing the potential that such a decision could bring and showing you what it could do for your brand.