Cuevana3.Pe: A Spanish-subtitled version of movies and television shows can be found on the Argentine file-sharing service Cuevana. The website was established in October 2009, and as of 2011, it was among the twenty most popular websites in Argentina, receiving 500,000 hits daily.

Using plugins, Cuevana3.Pefunctions as a connecting hub that enables users to broadcast content. Cuevana3.Peasserts that it does not keep data on its own servers, but rather links to external web storage to make material accessible. The legality of the operation has generated a heated debate due to this method of operation.

DCuevana, a download option, was established on August 14, 2012.

Legal instances

  • Tomas Escobar, one of Cuevana’s founders, and HBO Latin America were charged with breaking Argentine law on November 22, 2011 11 723 The trial’s judge made the decision not to obstruct access to Cuevana.
  • In order to prevent any users from accessing the portal Cuevana3.Pefor the television series Falling Skies, BRIC, and 26 people to save the world, Turner Argentina obtained an injunction from the Federal Court of First Instance on November 29, 2011. The law imposes a daily fine of 1,000 pesos on businesses that provide Internet web links block that act as the gateway to such series.
  • By using the precautionary measure on December 2, 2011, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) Telecentro SA de Argentina would have completely blocked customer access to the website Cuevana. The complete blockade would not have lasted longer than 24 hours.
  • PeStorm users in Germany received 815 Euros worth of damage claims from a law firm in May 2014. Some users mistakenly believed they were distributing the content as opposed to streaming it

Is the Argentine online video website Cuevana3.Pethe new Napster?

When a website’s outage becomes a trending topic on Twitter. You know it is popular because that is exactly what happened to a few days ago. Now that we know what Cuevana3.Peis, why might it soon be in trouble?

You might unintentionally confuse Cuevana, a free movie and TV streaming service in Spanish, for one of Netflix’s key rivals in Latin America when you first see it. It wouldn’t be fair, though, considering the great bulk of the stuff it connects to was uploaded unlawfully. Here is a screenshot of its modern landing page. Which features fairly recent movies and TV shows, to give you an idea.

How Cuevana3.Pecrashed

However, it doesn’t require a law degree to understand that the site’s founders may soon be subject to legal action, which fuels rumors. The hashtag #fuerzacuevana, which roughly translates to “Go Cuevana,” followed rumours as the website went down. Cuevana3.Pe And this is how Cuevana3.Peended up in the trending topics earlier this week.

An official statement published on Cuevana’s website claims that the actual events were quite different.

It all began with hacking when anonymous users posted a video claiming to have gained access to user information and a future version of the website.

While Cuevana3.Pedoesn’t seem to be taking the attack too seriously. Making it sound more like a bad joke than a legitimate hack. It said it was planning to release a new version to increase platform security and will continue to work on developing new features in the coming weeks.

Although it isn’t explicitly stated, this is probably the cause of the website’s outage, along with the fact. That a large number of users also wanted to know what was happening and overloaded the platform.

What’s next for Cuevana3.Pe ?

It’s difficult to predict what will happen to Cuevana3.Pein this situation during the coming months. Will the company’s founders choose to negotiate with content owners? If so, will it be required to charge for content, and will studios agree to work with a competitor like Cuevana? Or will the website change its concentration to something else, Cuevana3.Pe like emphasising indie and short films more? This is undoubtedly a possibility for the website, as this most recent tweet demonstrates:

Following this tale will undoubtedly be interesting, and not just from a legal perspective. No matter how we personally feel about piracy. We can’t help but be impressed by the young Argentine businesspeople that founded Cuevana. They succeeded in starting a business. Although they were still in their early 20s, quickly garnered significant traction across several nations.

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